Social distance, Lock down will eventually control the spread of virus but it’ll worsen the economic condition

Corona Virus has bring humanity to it’s knees. The killer virus emerging from China’s Wuhan city had reached to every corner of the world and especially had done significant damage in Europe and America. The health system of the advanced countries had failed miserably.

The para Medical staff and doctors doing their best to stop this pandemic and the local administration is busy in the disposal of the bodies but it seems like these efforts are not good enough. The world economy is in recession and millions of people had lost their jobs from all over the world.

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This pandemic had bring the poor and the rich together because no one is safe from this killer virus. The happiness on the faces of the people is now been replaced by fear and starvation. The streets and the markets are full of people suffering due to the shortage of food.

Corona virus had first effect a shopkeeper in the meat market of the Wuhan city of China and after that it spread to all parts of the world. More than 200 countries of the world are trying to control this pandemic. This pandemic is a historical incident after the World War one and two with devastating impacts on the every field of life. Although it effect almost every field of life but it’s impact on the health and the economic structure is devastating.

Chart: Virus impact services 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

There is no timeline for the preparation of it’s vaccine neither had the experience to predict how much it’ll effect the world economy. Corona had shown the weakness exists in our structure and it is also a big question mark on our knowledge as well.

Now it is the time to change ourselves and to find a mechanism to fight against these sort of pandemics. We can’t predict the number of deaths due to this virus. According to the Dr. Fouche from United States, about 0.2 million people could die in the US alone from this pandemic.

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According to him about one million people are under the threat of Corona in the United States. President Trump in a statement said that if they could stop this pandemic under 0.1 million casualties this will be a big achievement for them. At the moment, Europe and US are the most affected areas of the world due to Corona.

Chart: Virus impact bond yields 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

With no restrictions on the flights this virus had spread quickly to the other parts of the world. After China this virus first spread in Europe. Itlay is the most affected country in Europe with maximum number of deaths. After Itlay this pandemic spread to France, Spain and to the other parts of the region. After Europe the killer virus went to America and now there’s no Continent on earth where corona hasn’t reached yet.

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The only way to get rid of this virus is to follow the social distancing criteria and to use the germ killer medicine including hand sanitizers. The best way to control the pandemic is lockdown. The lockdown will eventually control the spread of virus but it’ll worsen the economic condition of the already suffering people for a long time. The patients of Corona recovered in weeks but the economic impact of the virus will remian for years.

Chart: Virus impact stocks 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

From the time this pandemic spread China’s economy has shrinked about 40 percent. All the offices and production units of the major companies of the world in China are closed from months. China is known as world’s factory and this factory is closed for months.

The sudden recession in the production and import export had worsen the world’s GDP. Only China had lost about $25 trillion as a result. It is equal to the one year’s GDP of UK.

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United States had given the $2 trillion economic package to save it’s economy but still 10 million people had lost their jobs in the US. The world’s biggest economies are trying their best to get out of this situation. According to a new report from Bloomberg, this pandemic will ate up about $5000 trillions of the world economy to the year 2022. The world’s economy will be able to recover from this incident after two years.

Chart: Brent/WTI futures 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

According to UN 900 million students are not going to school. With the arrival of Corona all the countries had closed their educational institutes. The airlines and tourism industry had lost almost 80% of their revenue. Almost 70% of world’s airlines are not going to recover anytime soon because most of countries had closed their flights with other countries.

For the first time in history, the United States had closed their airlines to Europe. For how long it’ll remain closed? It is too early to say anything. The stock markets all over the world are in recession and due to corona the world’s GDP had lost about $2.7 trillions.

Chart: Virus impact manufacturing 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

It seems like all the humans on the planet are under the threat especially considering the fact that still no vaccine has been prepared yet. Who will live and who will die will only confirmed once the vaccine get ready.
If the world gets out of this crap than what will be the world order?

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Is it the new world order that is going to emerge as a result? Fifteen years ago, after 9/11 the president Bush said that a “Bio war” will began and if we didn’t worked for it, it’ll bring destruction to the world. Now the situation is what Bush said years ago and American establishment didn’t listen to bush and didn’t prepared a good health system instead they went on to make killer weapons for destruction.

The United States itself didn’t kill that much people which are now going to die in US. At the moment every habitant of this world is trying to survive and struggle for it. We hope that it’ll end soon but who fights well will survive.

Chart: OECD GDP forecasts 200311,Graph courtesy of CNBC

The one who save his people will get the Power. It is expected that Corona will end the reign of many leaders as well. After 9/11 the world community had made relations with those fighting against terrorism and now in this era, new sanctions will be put on the countries.

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New rules and regulations will be made. Now the world is on the brink of jumping into the new age of biotechnology. Now the nation made progress in this field will also progress as a whole.

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