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Dark mode feature available for Facebook desktop users

If you like to use Facebook on the desktop, the good news is that the introduction of its fully redesigned version has begun.

The redesign was previously limited to the Facebook mobile app only, but last year the company announced the introduction of the desktop version at the annual developer conference.

This new design focuses heavily on 2 of Facebook’s most important feature events and groups.

Currently, it will be up to users to use the new version or prefer the classic version, but by the end of this year, the new design will be by default.

The company says that if this new version hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll be able to see it soon enough.

Like last year’s mobile redesign, this new desktop version contains a cleaner and simpler design with a white color.

It features larger fonts and improved icons, while for the first time the Dark Mode option will also be available to users.

Like the mobile app, the new desktop design now has immediate access to key features of Facebook, while the Facebook storage has been moved to the updated status box.

In addition, a redesigned menubar is also being offered.

One of the most significant changes to this redesign is the Groups tab, which is made available in the menu bar, which will make it possible to click through to view updates based on the group’s updates, while also giving the new group’s submissions the user’s interest. Will go

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If you would like to try out this new design now, log into the account and go to Settings and click on Cnew Facebook there.

If you don’t like it, you can go back there and choose Switch to Classic Facebook.

Another special feature is the Dark version that is not currently available in the mobile app as well.

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