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All about Osman Ghazi, the founder of Ottoman empire

Osman Ghazi or more commonly known as Osman I was the leader of the Tukic tribes and the founder of the Ottoman Dynasty later established as the Ottoman Empire. The name Osman derived from the Arabic form Uthman.Osman ghazi was the son the great Ertugrul ghazi who establish his kayi tribe in the north western Anatolia. Osman was born in 1258 in sogut and his predecessors were from the…
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Blogkurlurus Osman Latest News

Was "Ertugrul Ghazu" a Muslim?

Nowadays, the Turkish drama “Ertugrul” is very popular, the story of which revolves around the life and struggle of Ertugrul, the father of Sultan Usman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. A particular group of the society is very anxious to see its popularity…