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America,4 family member died due to coronavirus within a week

The number and deaths of new nasal corona cases are increasing rapidly in the United States and it has become the sixth largest affected country in the world.

So far, over 19,000 people have been affected and 260 deaths in all states of the United States.

But there is one family whose 4 people have died from the virus, cod 19.

Elizabeth Fuso, who was mourning the death of her older sister, was told in another phone call that her older brother had died of the disease.

Then a few days later I learned about the mother’s death in the hospital and another brother was killed the next day.

The first elder sister of the state New Jersey woman died; her mother, 2 brothers died a week later.

But the matter does not stop here, three more members of the family are hospitalized while 19 more are yet to be diagnosed.

At present two people in the hospital are on life support while one is in stable condition.

And because of the spread of the virus in this family, the family is being invited to a dinner this month, ignoring social distance guidelines.

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According to the New York Times, the first person killed in the state of New Jersey was involved in the feast and possibly transmitted the virus to the family.

In various research reports, scientists have discovered that more than 10% of the new nasal corona virus was transmitted from people who were infected but did not show any symptoms.

That is, social interaction increases the risk of transmission of such virus to healthy people.

It is to be noted that in Pakistan too, people are being advised to avoid social interaction but currently it is not being processed by the people, which is raising concerns about the increase in the number of cases.

If you look at the number of victims across the country, so far it has been 666, including 357 in Sindh, 137 in Punjab, 104 in Balochistan, 27 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 in Islamabad, 30 in Gilgit-Baltistan and one in Azad Kashmir. A case is involved.

So far 3 patients have died and 5 have recovered.

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Worldwide, 11,576 deaths have been caused by the virus. So far, more than 2 lakh 78,000 people have been affected by the outbreak.

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