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Facebook Announced to limit Forward Messages in Fb Messenger

Facebook has decided to reduce the number of forwarded messages in Messenger to prevent rumors and misinformation from spreading the new…
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Dangerous Rumors': The Corona virus became a nightmare for social media

In the wake of the US presidential election, 2020, the largest social media company, and other social media companies, including Facebook…
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Introducing new live streaming features to Facebook

Facebook is working on a new feature that will make it easier for people to access live streams, but can also be used by people who are not…
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What is WhatsApp Gold and why is it important to avoid it?

As a result of the new Novel Corona virus outbreak worldwide, close to 3 billion people have been confined to homes and the use of social…
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Cod 19 screening possible on Apple's new website

Thousands of new cases of the new Novel Corona virus disease Code 19 are now coming out every day, while millions of people are worried or…
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After Whats App Facebook also introduces the Information Hub on Messenger

After the WhatsApp, Facebook has also introduced the Corona virus prevention information hub in its Messenger app. This information hub also…