In New York, the number of Corona virus cases exceeds one million

The United States has become the worst country affected by the virus and the number of victims has exceeded 100,000 in New York, killing thousands. According to the BBC report, ventilators have been sent from…

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Apple's expected phone price and date have been revealed

NEW YORK: Apple’s anticipated iPhone iPhone 9, the leading technology company, has price come out. According to the technology monitoring website revealed that the price and introduction date of the iPhone 9 has been revealed,…
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Introduces the Facebook Messenger desktop app for video calls

Facebook has introduced Messenger’s desktop app that aims to facilitate unlimited free group video calls. Computers and desktops that work on Windows and Apple’s Mac operating system can be installed on the app that will…
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Charging is possible even with Wi-Fi signals, research

Maryland, USA: Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented an experimental device using Griffin that can generate electricity by absorbing Wi-Fi signals. According to the Report technewsdaily24. New research shook everyone  charging Is…