Corona virus how much danger and how much chance to recover?

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The number of people with coronavirus disease, including Pakistan 19, is increasing worldwide, including Pakistan, but the good news is that the prevalence is not exacerbated in most patients.

This was revealed in a medical study on the largest number of patients in China so far.

The World Health Organization has already said that 80% of patients with COD19 have mild or worsening symptoms, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China analyzed data from more than 72,000 patients.

This data will help to know more about the effects of the virus.

The study found that men and women are almost equally likely to be victims, with 51.4 percent of male patients and slightly more than 48 percent of women.

But the mortality rate is higher in men, at least from preliminary research indicates that the mortality rate is 2.8 percent in men and 1.7 percent in women.

Researchers also reviewed how many percent of the condition worsened after diagnosis, and the good news is that 80% experienced moderate to severe symptoms, with close to 14% being described as severe, and about 5%. He was declared seriously ill.

Although the median number of patients is high and very severe or critically ill, the prevalence of the outbreak has shaken the medical system of many countries, so the Birgamo city of northern Italy is so badly affected by the virus. He has been forced to send many sick people to other parts of the country.

Infectious diseases experts say the rate of recovery from the virus may not be clear until the outbreak is controlled because it will require a complete data set.

But statistics from China certainly indicate that most people defeat the disease, especially in China, where more than 70,000 out of 81,000 cases have been cured, with more than 328 killed and the rest cured. to be continued.

Most patients in the data were between the ages of 30 and 69 but the mortality rate was higher among the elderly.

According to the research, the mortality rate for people 49 years and under was 0.2%, and for those aged 80 years and over, 14%.

The longer the age, the more dangerous the virus is, and it is not just China, the latest data from Italy shows the same trend.

According to data from the Italian National Health Institute, the average age of those killed is 80 years, while the average for those who are ill is 63 years.

The death toll is around 30%, and the average age is 83.6 years.

But medical authorities in France discovered that around 50% of patients undergoing treatment at the ICU of hospitals were under the age of 60, which the French authorities called a new trend.

However, the details of these cases and how many of these patients were already suffering from the disease are not currently available.

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Experts warn that the severity of the disease may be mild or low in young people, but they need to be taken seriously, because if they become ill, they can transmit the virus to people who are more vulnerable than themselves. Don’t make this young blood sick.

In a separate study, scientists also discovered that the symptoms of children in China were not as severe as those in adults.

Research published in the journal Pediatrics looked at 731 certified and 1412 suspected cases of children and found that more than 90% of patients had no symptoms, namely very minor or moderately ill.

The virus was diagnosed in 13% of children when they did not show signs of the disease and out of the 2143 cases, only a 14-year-old boy was killed, and only about 6% of cases were severe.

Researchers are still unable to explain why Cod19 does not affect children as much as adults.

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