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Huawei's new foldable phone has a new look

Huawei has released a new version of its new foldable smartphone Mate X2. Huawei posted the glimpse on China’s social media site Weibo, suggesting that the new phone will be different from the original Mate X’s design.Huawei introduced the first Mate X phone in 2019 and improved it a bit in 2020.This teaser image shows that it is open from the phone side and its hinge is…
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Science & Tech

Bill Gates warns the world of another epidemic

New York: Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, has warned that the world should be prepared for the next epidemic and this preparation should be based on war.“If we are not prepared for the next epidemic, we will…
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Google has added a major update to Gmail

Google last updated Gmail last year and now the email service has been further improved. Less than a year old, this new update aims to make it easier for users to use the email service.Google has introduced this update for the web version of Email.After this…