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83-year-old woman with 6 meters long hair

There is also an elderly woman in Vietnam who has not had a haircut in 64 years and now these hairs are up to 6 meters long like a big snake.

According to a report by Audit Central, 83-year-old Negio Thai Din, from Ben Tree Province, Vietnam, has not cut his hair since he was 19 years old.

He said he had never used shampoo in the last 64 years.

The Vietnamese woman quoted herself as saying that when she was 19, her parents cut her hair for the first time, after which she started having severe headaches.

Negio Thai said the symptoms persisted even after treatment.

Photo courtesy of Audit Central

“When my hair started to grow, the pain gradually subsided and I have never had a haircut since,” he said.

He explained the reason for not washing his hair with shampoo or soap, that whenever he washed his hair, he would start having headaches again. Since then, I have not watered my hair.

The Vietnamese woman later applied for permanent residence in a Buddhist temple in 1990, which was granted.

She said she only eats vegetables once a year.

He thinks that if he is mentally and physically healthy at the age of 83, it is because of food.

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According to experts, her hair grows at a rate of 10 cm per year, but based on her 6.1 meter long hair, she may never get the title of the woman with the largest hair in the world.

It should be noted that in 2018, a Ukrainian woman came forward who had not cut her hair for 28 years, after which her hair became longer than her height.

Elena Kravasenko, 33, from Ukraine, is a successful businesswoman and mother of 6-year-old twins.

The last time Elena had her hair cut when she was 5 years old was also forced by her parents. Since then she has been growing it and now she is 2 meters or 6 and a half feet tall.

“There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman with natural and long hair,” she says proudly.

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