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The day of the year when 99% of the world’s population sees sunlight together

Our planet is huge and it has day in one corner and night in the other. But did you know that there is one day every year when 99% of the world’s population sees sunlight together?

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Yes, about 8 billion people can actually see the light of the sun at the same time. This is the day on July 8, when for just a few minutes, 99 percent of the world’s people can see the sunlight together.

Know these interesting facts about the longest day of the year? This year on July 8, at 4 pm Pakistan time, this opportunity came when for one minute about 8 billion people could see the sunlight simultaneously, but at that time the sunlight was not the same everywhere.

In the Far East like Japan, it was dusk on this occasion, while it was 7 am in the US state of California.People living in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America had the opportunity to see the light of day together, while Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands were covered in darkness.

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Interestingly, this was revealed in a social media post in 2022 and was subsequently investigated by a website, Time & Date.

The time of the year when the length of day and night becomes equal .This study proved that the claim made on social media is true under certain conditions.

That is, 99% of the population has to accept all kinds of sunlight, even during daylight hours.However, on this day, 83% of the population gets the opportunity to see the true light of the day simultaneously, while 16% see the dim light of the morning or evening sun.

Part of the reason for this is that our planet’s population lives on Earth’s surface, otherwise it was night in the Pacific Ocean, an ocean that covers one-third of Earth’s surface.

90% of the Earth’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere where the length of the day gets longer during the summer, making this possible.

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The study reported that after the longest day of the year, the average length of day begins to decrease, but the Earth tilts slightly on its axis, due to which the duration of daylight increases in the southern regions.

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By the way, it will be interesting for you to know that December 6 will be the day when 85% of the world’s population will have the opportunity to watch the night together.

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