The two main actors of Kurulus Osman got married

Two actors who played important roles in the world-famous Turkish series kurulus Osman, based on Islamic conquests, got married.

Actress Bose Arsalan, who played the role of soldier Jerkutai and Aigul Khatoon in Kurulus Osman, and actor Jagri Sensoy got married after being in a relationship for a long time.

According to media reports, both fell in love with each other on the set of the drama and now they got married, the pictures of which both of them shared on their Instagram accounts.

The actor couple’s wedding was attended by close relatives and friends, while actor Barak, who played the role of Osman in Kurolish Usman, also attended and danced at the ceremony.

According to Turkish media, Bosay Arslan and actor Jagri Sensoy got engaged a few months ago.

Role of both in the series:

Aigul Khatun (Bosse Arslan) appeared in three seasons of Korulish Usman, first in a slightly negative role, while from the second season she was seen among Usman’s soldiers.

At the end of season three, Eagle Woman was shown to be martyred.

On the other hand, the soldier Jerkutai (Jagri Sensoy) was a Mongol soldier at the beginning of the series who later converted to Islam and became one of Osman’s close associates and soldiers.

Also in the series, Aigul Khatun and soldier Jerakutai get married after falling in love with each other.

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