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Russian woman marries her adopted son

Tatarstan: A 53-year-old Russian woman has come under a scandal for marrying her foster boy.

According to media reports, a 53-year-old woman from the Russian region of Tatarstan has sparked public outrage by marrying a 22-year-old boy whom she raised for eight years.

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The woman, Esilo Shzevskaya, is the niece of famous musician and singer Renata Abragimov, who recently became the center of a major scandal after marrying her adopted son.
8 years ago, while teaching music in an orphanage in Kazan, Iselo met a 13-year-old boy, Daniel, who expressed his passion for music, and after a few lessons, the two got together.

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The boy also participated in various reality talent shows such as “You’re Super!” project and also sang with popular Russian singer Philip Kirkorov. When Daniel turned 14, the woman finally adopted him and now this month, when Daniel turned 22, the two decided to get married.

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