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26-year-old mother of 22 children, desiring 105 children

A woman from Russia became a mother of 22 children at the age of 26, but the story does not end here, the woman also wants to become a mother of 105 children.

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Of course, you must also be stunned to know how a Russian woman became a mother of 22 children at such a young age. Because it is not only health but it is almost impossible in nature, but the fact of being a mother of 22 children in 26 years is also mentioned in the foreign media report.

According to media reports, a 26-year-old woman from Russia, Kristina Ozturk, who loves being a mother, told foreign media that her first child was a daughter, Victoria, who was born from her own womb. The age is now 9 years while the remaining 21 children of the woman were born through surrogacy.

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According to foreign media, the woman was married to a man 32 years older than her, who is a businessman by profession and owns a hotel, but unfortunately, he was jailed because of drugs.

The woman said that despite her husband being in jail, she had become a mother of 20 children with the help of surrogacy in 2020, another child was born with the help of surrogacy in 2021, but now she wants to have 105 children.

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According to media reports, the woman also launched a book about her children in February of this year, in which she wrote all her experiences including becoming a mother through surrogacy and raising children.

The woman, Christina Ozturk, said that she spent around Rs 1.4 crore on surrogacy between March 2020 and July 2021. The report said that 16 midwives were employed at Christina’s house to take care of 21 children, who were paid more than Rs 68 lakh.

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