Discover the link between increased neck fat and heart disease

Spain: Scientists at the University of Granada (Granada) in Spain have discovered that if fat accumulates in different parts of the neck of a healthy person, it may be related to heart disease or it may be a precursor to heart disease. ۔University research shows that apparently high levels of protein in the neck of healthy adults either cause internal inflammation or are linked to…
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What are the effects of not eating breakfast on the body?

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. But is that really true or not?Millions of people around the world do not like to start the morning with breakfast, which can be due to various reasons.However, if this habit is adopted…

Stretching exercise helps lower blood pressure

CANADA: Patients with high blood pressure should be aware that experts now insist that stretching exercises to keep blood pressure normal can sometimes be more effective than jogging and walking.Now he advises to continue jogging and walking and also take some time…