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The Oath (Soz) Episode 72 With English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD

Episode 72 of The Oath Soz Season 3 in Urdu
Episode 72 of The Oath Soz Season 3 in Urdu, How did you locate this phone, exactly? Tell me. Look there, please. directly across the street. Does this camera show the sidewalk on the other side? It does, of course. It is what? Is something not right? Should we make a police call? I should first make sure. Fear not; I am a soldier. In a nearby unit, I’m in the service. My close friend is the phone’s owner. She is not reachable. She may have experienced something, I fear. Oh, please God. Together, let’s check. Take a seat right here, please.

I’ll make a police report!
You discovered the phone when? It was discovered yesterday afternoon. A record of that day exists? Monthly storage had been done. It has to be. My brother, stop. Please stop. That girl, is she? Exactly. Go on. Of course, I’ll catch you, dastards. Son, they actually kidnapped her. Let’s make a police report. I will, my sibling. I will. I’ll start by getting that car’s licence plate. On the platter, close up. 34 Okay. Please don’t distribute this video to anyone. I’ll make a police report. Alright, I won’t. Thanks. Uncle, I’m really grateful. Thanks. I’m here, brother. It’s urgent, but I need your assistance. I have a plate number for the Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 70 With Urdu Subtitles.

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These men aren’t part of the mob!
I looked everywhere, sir. It’s tidy. Five, stop addressing me as Sir. How can I reach you? My name is Yavuz. Whoa! I apologise, Sir. Settle down. These guys aren’t part of the mob. They speak for the nation. He was trapped. And they are aware of it. Episode 69 of The Oath Soz Season 3 in Urdu They’ll be strong, but we’ll force them to give up. Settle down. Sir, you are the finest. Break their resolve. The rest will wait, and only one of you will arrive. Wait. I’ll look for you. The diplomat I am. And unlike you, I’m not a fan of hot dogs. Either I’ll look for you or I’ll get in your car and drive away. He’s clean, sir. Submit him. Hello. Welcome Your has

I have restrictions on how I can behave!
Maybe. You own a lot of goods, which we have. Our man needs to come back. Moreover, I desire a home with pink shutters. I favour world harmony. But I’m not allowed to have it. I’m here to conduct a crucial business discussion. The person you want to collaborate with the terrorists on a strike strategy. You equipped them with training, weapons, and bombs. We managed to catch them. He’s fortunate that he still has his head above water. I would deliver his head, but because to the bureaucracy, I am only able to take certain actions. We are aware that the man you detained, Xaiver, has no connection to our government. So why do you

Do I resemble the people you’re used to buying?
in order to assess him. Your admiration for the law makes me cry. Assume I handed you the dude. For what do you ask? You must have given it some thought. Ratkovich, Dragan I desire him. He is not within my control. Okay. Make me a deal I can’t turn down after that. You can get money from us. Any quantity you desire. What the heck are you on about, your dog? How do you view this nation? Do I resemble the people you’re used to buying? Get out of here! There’s no agreement. Additionally, we will distribute the man’s photos to everyone on earth. And you’ll stop it. You can now

They also provide work for other nations!
Settle down! Ok, calm down. Dragan is not attainable. You’re also aware of it. not as compensation for Xaiver. He is accompanied by a woman. Nadia. You’ll give it to her. Take Dragan, please. She is also unattainable. Look, we have no control over these people. They also provide work for other nations. That is certainly better. They are not employed by us. We don’t have them, and we have no idea where they are. Locate them. Episode 72 of The Oath Soz Season 3 in Urdu, Either Nadia arrives, or tomorrow’s headlines in your nation will feature pictures of your man standing arm in arm with terrorists in Istanbul.

The Oath (Soz) Episode 72 Urdu Subtitles

The Soz Episode 72 Urdu Subtitles

The Oath (Soz) Episode 72 English Subtitles

The Soz Episode 72 English Subtitles

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