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More than 530 cyber attacks are revealed every second on the Internet

LONDON: Cyber security experts identify more than 46 million potential cyber attacks every day, according to new data presented by a cyber security company.

Telecom giants BT said hackers were increasingly looking for Internet-connected devices using automation and machine learning to identify vulnerabilities in cyber defenses.

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The IT, defence, banking and insurance sectors were the most affected by cyber attacks in the last 12 months, BT data said. While about 785 thousand cyber attacks were carried out on charities.
According to the company, more than 530 potential cyber attacks were identified by experts every second.

The company warned that protections should be increased against this trend of cyber attacks. BT released the figures to mark Cyber Security Awareness Month.

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An official of the company, Tristan Morgan, said that cyber attacks in the UK are increasing at an alarming rate. Today’s business landscape has changed and hackers now have more valuable data to target and leverage than just internet-connected devices.

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