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Experimental drug testing against corona virus in several countries, including Russia

Russia has decided to try favivira (favipiravir), a drug used for influenza, to treat the new Novel Corona virus disease, Cod-19.

According to the Russian news agency, the first batch of the drug is arriving in Russia this week, after which the trial will begin.

This is a drug that China clearly considered effective in treating it with a lot of protection.

The drug is being tested in some countries in the Middle East and Japan, besides China, but Japan intends to give it free to a number of countries.

The drug was manufactured by Fuji Film Toma Chemical Company, which was discovered efficiently against several RNA viruses, including influenza, and was approved by the Japanese government in 2014.

The trial began in China in February and its clinical trial was approved March 15, and officials say its effects on patients have been highly encouraging so far.

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During a research conducted in Shenzhen in February, 320 patients with Code 19 were used and researchers discovered that it resulted in the virus being cleared on average for 4 days while the use of other drugs lasted 11 days. ۔

More than 91% of patients using this drug also saw improvement in lung condition, which was 63% in the other group.

Researchers say these data prove that the drug cleanses the virus faster, with fewer side effects discovered so far.

Clinical trials on scientists in Japan have entered the third phase, started last day, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently announced the increase in production of the drug, saying that the government had approved the drug Plans are underway to treat the virus.

The final results of trials on this drug in Japan are expected to be revealed by June, and until then, the Japanese government is planning to provide regular treatment for the corona virus.

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Fuji Films has also announced a speed up in its production, while also vowing to partner with other countries.

Japanese Foreign Minister Tosimitsu Motagi announced that Japan will provide 20 countries free of cost for the treatment of Cod-19.

According to the Japan Times, he said that we would work with interested countries and expand these drug trials internationally.

These countries include Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

“Our colleagues in China have shown positive results regarding the treatment of coronavirus patients in China,” said Carol Dimitrov, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Will be used for

The US has also shown interest in the drug.

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According to the Politico report, the Trump administration is pressuring the Food and Drug Administration to approve the emergency use of the drug.

This drug was used by doctors with outbounders in Africa in 2014 to treat Ebola patients in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

In Guyana, the study found that when moderately ill people were used to the drug, the death rate dropped from 30% to 15%.

Now, the Japanese government expects the same benefits to be obtained against Code 19.

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China has also begun exporting the drug, and the Turkish Minister of Health said in a statement that a special drug shipment is being sought from China which will be used to treat Cod 19 patients in 40 different cities.

Indonesia imported 5,000 doses of it and is now requesting another two million.

It is important to note that Cod 19 is not currently treated, but its symptoms are treated with different medicines depending on their nature and the World Health Organization says that 97% of the patients also recover.

Vaccines are being prepared in different countries for this, while testing for human vaccines has begun in the United States, but the general availability of a vaccine will require a period of one and a half years.

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