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3 types of corona virus are making people sick, research

The 3 new variants of the new Novel Corona virus are affecting people and have begun to spread to humans more than previously estimated.

This was revealed in a new study.

Scientists from Germany and the UK looked at 160 complete genomes of the corona virus, developed from human patients, from December 24, 2019 to March 4, 2020.

Researchers discovered that there are 3 types of viruses that are similar to each other.

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Researchers also discovered that the Corona virus, which spreads in Wuhan and East Asia, in China, is not actually the original type, it is a Type B type made up of the original SARS Kuo 2 virus or Type A.

The Type A virus was probably infected with bats in pangolin humans.

Surprisingly, the Type A version is now more widely available in the US and Australia, while a third is Type C, made from Type B and spread through Europe via Singapore.

Scientists believe that the virus is undergoing continuous changes, causing it to degrade the immune system’s resistance to various nations.

Scientists first tracked the spread of the virus, using the technology used to migrate humankind to find out the cause of the virus for the first time.

Dr. Peer Forster, of Cambridge University, led the research team and said, “The rapid development of Cod19’s genealogy has been witnessed, for this purpose we have used the mathematical network algorithm, this technique. Commonly used as a mapping step for the migration of human populations, we think this is the first time it has been used to identify the basis of an infection ‘.

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Among the genomes that scientists saw, 3 species were discovered, and they discovered that the type A corona virus is similar to that found in bats.

The virus was found in the Wuhan virus genome, but not surprisingly, was the dominant type in the city.

Further variants of this type were reported in American citizens who were based in Wuhan, and most of their patients are now in the United States and Australia.

Most patients in Wuhan have been diagnosed with the Type B virus, which spreads to East Asia, but this type does not go out of the region, which is likely to cause resistance to people outside of East Asia.

Type C is the main type of Europe seen in the early patients in France, Italy, Sweden and England, which was not present in the Chinese samples but was seen in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

The study also revealed that the virus was first infected with a German infection in Italy on January 27, while in another early Italian patient, it was the result of the Singapore virus.

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Scientists say that this genetic network can accurately determine the direction, spread, and pathogenesis of the virus.

He emphasized that this approach could also help determine the areas that will become the epicenter of Code 19 epidemic in the future.

The results of this research were published in the journal Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and, along with the software used for it, a thousand corona viruses are being provided free of charge to other scientists.

Scientists have also begun analyzing over a thousand viral genomes, the results of which have not yet been released, but work currently indicates that human disease causes Cod19 at some point from mid-September to early December. Came out

It is to be noted that a report in March stated that the first case of the virus appeared on November 17.

The South China Morning Post cited the Chinese government’s analysis of Corona virus cases.

According to Chinese government data, the potential first patient appeared on November 17.

After that, one to five new cases were reported daily and by December 15, the number of patients with Code 19 had reached 27 while on December 17, 10 cases were reported for the first time and on December 20 the number of certified cases had reached 60.

On December 27, Dr. Zheng Jie Shen, from the Hobby Provincial Hospital of Integrated, told Chinese medical authorities about the new coronary virus, until the number of patients had increased to more than 180, but doctors were still I didn’t have much awareness about.

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On the last day of 2019, the number of certified cases reached 266 on December 31 and rose to 381 on January 1.

According to the report, the Chinese government’s record was not released to the public, but it does provide important clues about the spread of the disease in the early days, and it shows how many cases were reported in China by then. ۔

Scientists are also looking for the first disease to detect a new coronary-causing pathogen, which is now thought to have passed from an animal like a bat to another animal and then into humans. Moved.

According to government data, it is possible that such cases were reported even before November.

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