Why New Corona Virus Kills more Men instead of women?

By now, most people have come to know that the disease caused by the new Novel Corona virus can prove to be more deadly for 19 older people or those already suffering from the disease.

But this does not mean that young people or children do not suffer from it. In fact, the risk of the disease is the same for everyone.

But now it seems that the disease is affecting men more than women and the mortality rate is higher.

It was first seen in China, where a scientific study found that mortality was 2.8 percent in men and 1.7 percent in women.

Now the same difference is seen in France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Spain.

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In Italy (the country has the highest number of fatalities in the world so far), 71% of the more than 7,000 deaths are males, while data released Thursday by Spain indicates that the mortality rate is higher than for females. I am twice as much.

So why is this epidemic affecting more men?

“The honest answer to this is that none of us knows why,” says Sarah Hawkes, director of the Center for Gender and Global Health at London College University.

Earlier it was thought that smoking could be the cause of this difference.

In China, the rate of smokers is 50% while that of women is only 2%, the difference in lung health can also be the cause of worsening Cod 19 for men.

The idea was also confirmed last month in a medical study that found that 26% of those treated or killed in the ICU were addicted to smoking.

It is also believed that smoking can also be a source of infectious virus as some people touch their lips more and may even share contaminated cigarettes.

On the other hand, differences in attitudes toward men and women can also be a factor.

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Some research reports have found that men are less likely to have a personal hygiene phenomenon such as hand washing, do not use soap when washing hands, refrain from seeking medical help and ignore government medical advice. , Which in turn make them a more convenient target for diseases.

But experts are also realizing that basic biological elements are also contributing to this.

Although the majority of smokers are men in most countries, 28% of men and 19% of women in Italy are addicted to smoking, yet the mortality rate is very high.

According to Sabra Klein, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the United States, we have seen higher mortality rates in Italy, China, Spain everywhere, and we have examined many countries and cultures.

“When I look at it, I am forced to think that there is something that causes it all over the world, I don’t think smoking is the main factor,” he said.

A previous study of theirs revealed that anti-viral immune systems are less common in women than men with different types of infections, such as hepatitis C and HIV, which may also be true of corona viruses. Yes, however, it has not been researched yet.

According to Professor Sabra, the male immune system probably does not respond properly to the onset of the virus.

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Hormones also play a role in this regard, a hormone called estrogen enhances antiviral responses in immune cells, while most of the genes that regulate the immune system are activated by the X chromosome, which is one in men and 2 in women. There are.

More information about this gender discrimination response can be found in antibody surveys around Code 19 worldwide, and Professor Sabra says she has already reviewed articles by Chinese teams.

He said that biology, lifestyle and behavior all play a role, but this will be confirmed by the availability of large-scale data.

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So far, only 6 of the 20 countries have disclosed all the details regarding the number and cases of cases, excluding the UK and US.

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