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Video showing the effects on the lungs with the new Corona virus

The new Novel Corona virus disease affects the Cody 19 system of respiration, during which most patients suffer from dry cough and difficulty breathing.

The first Cod 19 patient was admitted to George Washington University Hospital in the US earlier this month.

Doctors there now reviewed the patient’s lungs using virtual reality technology and his video was shared on YouTube in the past days.

In this video or simulation, healthy lung tissue is shown in blue while virus-infected tissue is shown in yellow.

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Dr. Keith Mortman, head of the hospital’s breast surgery department, said: “The combination of lung virus-infected and healthy tissues is shocking; in fact after seeing it, there is no need for a medical degree with the name to understand. Damage to the lungs is not limited to a single part; in fact both lungs are severely damaged. ‘

“This creates the possibility of damaging the lungs of cured 19 patients on a long-term basis,” he said.

Earlier in mid-March, a medical expert in Hawking Kong discovered that the lungs of those newly diagnosed with the Novol Corona virus could be prone to lung problems and that some people might have trouble breathing when walking fast.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong hospital authority concluded this after reviewing the first patients recovered from the coronavirus disease Cod-19.

Doctors discovered that 2 out of 12 patients had changes in lung capacity.

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During the press conference, Dr. Owen Tsang Tak, medical director of the hospital’s Infectious Disease Center, said, “These individuals breathe in some swift flow, while some patients have 20 to 30 lung functions after complete remission. Can be reduced by a percentage. ‘

It is still premature to determine the long-term effects of the disease, but a lung scan of 9 patients revealed a glass-like pattern, which indicated a loss of limbs, he added.

He said that further tests of these patients will be determined to what extent their lung functions are now functioning, and how physiotherapy will be managed to strengthen the lungs.

Healthy patients can help their lungs recover completely from various exercises, such as swimming, the doctor said.

Later in China, a study revealed that if the severity of the disease is high, the lungs of the patient usually appear to be fluid that resembles cases of pneumonia and can be diagnosed with a CT scan, in which White marks are seen on the lungs, called Dr. Ground glass.

Cheng Ct scans of hundreds of patients were reviewed by Tong Ji Hospital in Wuhan (the city of China from which the virus began to spread).

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According to research published in the journal Journal of Radiology, the analysis revealed ground glass infection, that is, the air passages in the lungs were filled with fluid while small cells in the lungs (which exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules), bleed. Is harmful.

These ground glass CT scans appear in the form of fade drops, which change in shape as the disease worsens, as you can see in the small yellow arrows in the CT scan below.

phot general radiology

Photo courtesy of Journal Radiology
The fluid is not only specific to the corona virus, but is also discovered in many types of infections and lung diseases, but its structure and distribution in Cod19 is specific.

More than a thousand patients were included during this study and discovered that their chest CT scan was the most effective means of diagnosing Cod 19 compared to the lab test.

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Cody 19’s serious complications appear as a result of pneumonia, which results in difficulty in breathing, oxygen levels in the body and coughing, not being able to absorb adequate amount of oxygen from the blood during the lungs.

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