An Italian nurse committed suicide after suffering from Corona

Italy, a country most affected by the Corona virus, nurse has ended its life after suffering from a coronary virus.

A suicide nurse has been serving coronary-care intensive care ward nurses for the past several weeks, and she herself has suffered from an outbreak after which she ended her life.

In its report by the British newspaper The Telegraph, Italy’s Nurse Federation Organization confirmed that 34-year-old Daniela Tirizzi ended her life due to severe mental depression after suffering from the Corona virus.

A suicide nurse has been serving in the intensive care ward of Lambor, the most busy hospital in Corona’s most affected area for the past several weeks, said a nurse federation official.

According to the Nurse Federation, the terminating nurse was suffering from severe mental stress due to constantly seeing thousands of new patients coming to the hospital and seeing dozens of deaths daily in the hospital, but later she herself suffered from coronas.

The Nurse Federation said that the suicide nurse believed that if she lived, she would suffer more people as well, so she experienced severe depression and constant suicide after seeing new patients and people die. Of

The Nurse Federation expressed deep sorrow over the suicide of the young nurse, saying that medical staff across the country were under severe stress.

The Telegraph reported in its report that a total of 5,000 medical staff members throughout Italy were also affected by Corona, many of which were reported to have died, but could not confirm whether Corona had been killed. How many medical personnel have been killed.

Suicidal nurse serving at ICU - Photo: The Metro

Italy is currently the most affected country with the Corona virus, where up to 600 people have been killed by the virus every day for the past five days, and by the morning of March 26, the death toll has increased to more than 7,500. ۔

By the morning of March 26 in Italy, the number of people infected with the Corona virus had increased to more than 74,000.

The United States has become the second largest country in terms of corona virus patients, where by the morning of March 26, the number of patients has increased to 69,000 and the number of deaths has increased to over one thousand.

By the morning of March 26, the number of corona patients had increased to over 4,000 72,000 worldwide, while the death toll had risen to more than 21,300.

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