Corona virus: highest 7,000 deaths in Italy, global death exceeds 21,000

The Corona virus, which limits one-third of the world’s population to houses, has so far lost nearly 21,000 deaths, while the number of victims of the virus has exceeded 4 million 74 thousand.

The number of deaths in Italy, the worst affected by the outbreak, has exceeded 7,500, with a total of 74,386 Corona cases reported.

According to the Corona Virus Monitoring website globally, as of noon March 26, more than 21,000 deaths were reported across the world, with more than 150,000 deaths.

According to the website, till today (Thursday), the country most affected by the virus was China, where the number of victims was more than 81 thousand, followed by Italy where the number was 74 thousand, and then the United States more than 69 thousand. With Spain and the fourth with more than 49,000 victims.

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In addition to these countries, more than 37,000 victims were reported in Germany, 27 thousand victims in Iran and 25,000 victims in France, followed by Switzerland, Britain, North Korea and the Netherlands.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the outbreak can only be prevented by a joint and concerted global effort.

Corona virus kills 9 doctors in Philippines
Medical staff treating Corona virus patients are also at high risk for the virus and many doctors have died due to contact with the affected people.

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The Medical Association of the Philippines has announced that 9 doctors have died due to the Corona virus in the country and complaints of medical staff’s lack of protective measures have increased.

Hospitals in the capital Manila announced that their capacity had been fulfilled, so they would not accept the new Corona virus victims.

In addition, hundreds of members of the medical staff are not treating patients due to 14 days of self-induced quarantine.

Holding G20 meetings online
In view of the worsening situation on a daily basis, today the world leaders will be meeting online.

Arab News reports that a video conference of G-20 countries will be held under the leadership of Saudi Arabia to accelerate the joint global response to the Corona epidemic and to examine its human and economic impacts.

The meeting will discuss the socio-economic impact of the epidemic affecting 196 countries and measures to curb global recession, which will be attended by representatives of the World Bank, the World Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Health Organization. ۔

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The death toll in the United States has reached 1,000
While efforts are afoot to stop the outbreak in all of the affected countries, the US Senate has finally approved a $ 20 trillion package to support businesses affected by the Health, Workers and Corona virus.

Wednesday in the United States proved to be the worst day ever, with 233 deaths in a single day, while 65,273 Corona cases have been reported across the country and total deaths have risen to 1,000.

Task Force set up in Japan
The situation in Japan, too, is not very good, and in the one day since the outbreak, the highest 98 cases and 2 more deaths were reported yesterday.

The Japanese government has issued warnings for travel around the world and urged the public not to travel overseas unnecessarily.

In addition, the Japanese Prime Minister ordered the establishment of a task force to fight the epidemic, so far in Japan, there have been 2 thousand 3 Corona cases and 55 deaths.

41 cases of COD-19 in Israel critical
The Israeli Ministry of Health said that the number of people affected by the Corona pandemic in the country has risen to 2,549 and 126 new cases were reported in just one day.

Authorities also said that 41 people were in critical condition, with 68 cases showing milder causes of the virus, while the remaining patients showed minor symptoms so far.

So far 66 people have recovered from the Corona virus in Israel, the Ministry of Health said.

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5,60,000 volunteers ready to help government in the UK
Meanwhile, an encouraging news has emerged from the UK that over 500,000 people have volunteered to support the government’s call for voluntary service in the National Health Service to deal with the virus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said more than 4 million people responded in a single day to the government’s appeal for help to the weakest sections of the country.

Iran bans travel within the country
Iran has been banned from traveling in the Middle East in view of the threat of a second wave of virus in Iran, the country most affected by the Corona pandemic.

An Iranian official announced at a news conference that “those who went to Iran for New Year’s (nine-day) holidays should immediately return to their cities”.

Along with the closure of universities and schools, the ban on congregations has been extended, which has led to serious legal consequences for violators, he said.

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Corona first killed in occupied Kashmir
On the other hand, a 65-year-old preacher in the occupied Kashmir whose Corona test came positive 3 days ago died.

The victims had returned from visiting mosques in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh a few days ago.

After the death was reported, the area has been sealed and the contactors are being tracked while the tests of other persons who came in contact with the dead person came out positive and about 70 people have been quarantined, including 7 doctors. Included.

Russia announces closure of all flights
The Russian government ordered the Civil Aviation Authority to resume all normalized and chartered flights from March 27.

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The order would allow Russian airlines to bring back Russian citizens from other countries after receiving special authorization from the government.

111 New Certified Cases in Thailand
Thailand announces emergency enforcement in the country, confirming 11 new cases of Corona virus emerged

These measures include the closure of all border crossings for everyone except Thai citizens, diplomats and their families, who have work permits in Thailand.

The number of cod 19 patients reported so far in Thailand is 1,45.

Extension of sanctions in Spain
On the other hand, the death toll from Corona in Spain, the most affected country after Italy, has increased by more than 3,400.

The Spanish parliament then allowed the government to tighten measures to keep people in their homes and keep the business closed until April 11.

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