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Corona Virus: Record Increase in Use of Facebook Apps

The social network, Facebook, has reported that the Corona virus outbreak has dramatically increased its network usage rate, especially in areas that have been badly affected.

One of them is Italy, where the time spent on Facebook apps has increased by 70% while in a week Facebook Live and its Instagram app have doubled views.

Messaging rates increased by more than 50% while group calls increased by more than 1,000%.

Facebook said in a blog, ‘During an emergency we’re doing everything we can to make our apps faster, more stable and dependable, increasing the use of specific events in our services such as the Olympics or the start of a new year. However, this is occasional and we have plenty of time to prepare, but due to Code 19 the usage rate is not optimized and we are almost experiencing new records. ‘

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Twitter has seen similar growth and its subscriber base has grown from 15 million to over 16 million in the first quarter.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that “Our purpose is to facilitate public dialogue, we have seen an increase in people’s use of Twitter.

During the outbreak worldwide, Internet access from millions of people limited to homes has increased, with most working from home, while others are using it as a way to connect with their loved ones.

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In addition, the use of streaming services has increased so that people can spend time.

In this regard, YouTube has announced that the default resolution of videos worldwide will be low and will be followed for a month.

A Google spokeswoman said that we would work with governments and network operators around the world to minimize pressure on the Internet in this situation.

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Earlier, Netflix also reduced streaming quality in Europe by 25%, while Apple and Amazon did so in Europe.

Netflix has said it will do the same in India, while in other countries it is assured to do so at the request of the local administration.

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