After Italy, More killed in Spain with corona virus than China

More deaths were reported in Spain than in the European country of Italy on March 20 this month, more than China, considered the center of the Corona virus.

In China from the middle of December 2019 to the evening of March 25, the death toll from the Corona virus was 3 thousand 163 and the number of patients there was 81 thousand 661, of which about 99% had recovered. ۔

Prior to March 25, the highest death toll from the Corona virus in China was in the European country of Italy alone, where by March 25, the death toll had risen to 6,820 and there were more than 69,000 patients. Had been done

Italy became the first country on March 20 this month to have more deaths than China, considered to be the epicenter of the Corona virus, and after March 20, the death toll in Italy has doubled, and there have been more than 650 deaths per day over the past three days. Recorded.

However, now another European country has surpassed China in regards to the Corona virus killings.

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After Italy, the death toll from the Corona virus in Spain also exceeded that of China, and by the evening of March 25, the death toll in Spain had reached 3,434.

According to the broadcasting agency Sky News, there were 738 new deaths in Spain between March 24 and 25, after which the death toll rose to 3 thousand 434.

According to an online map made by a number of global organizations, including the World Health Organization for Corona virus cases, the number of Corona virus patients in Spain increased to 47,610 by the evening of March 25, Italy was the third most affected country after the United States.

At the time of the Corona virus casualties, on the evening of March 25, Italy was ranked first, Spain was second, China was third, and Iran was fourth with 2,777 deaths.

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The fifth highest European country in terms of casualties was France, where the number of casualties increased to 1100 by the evening of March 25, while the number of casualties is also increasing in the United States where the death toll has reached close to 550. ۔

Worldwide, where the death toll for Corona virus patients is rapidly increasing, new patients are also coming out worldwide and the number has seen a half-fold increase in just 10 days.

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By the evening of March 25, the number of Corona virus patients had increased to over 4,000 35,000 worldwide and the total number of deaths had risen to 19,625.

The worrying thing is that where the number of coronary virus patients worldwide is increasing at double speed, the number of healthy patients worldwide is looking cheap and worldwide by the evening of March 25th. The number of patients recovered was only around 122,000.

More than half of the eligible patients – more than 70,000 patients – came from China, while the remaining 40,000 patients from other countries of the world were cured.

Iran was second only to China in terms of healthcare patients, where by March 25 evening, the number of recuperative patients had risen to 9,625 and the total number of Corona patients had risen to over 27,000. And there were more than 2,000 deaths.

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Italy was third with 8,236 patients and Spain was fourth with 5,337 patients.

As of the evening of March 25, out of the 4 million 35,000 infected patients worldwide, only 122,000 had recovered, while around 300,000 patients were being treated in hospitals and quarantine centers around the world.

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