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Corona Virus: YouTube Announces Limit of Video Quality

YouTube has announced a reduction in streaming quality worldwide.Bloomberg reported that the decision was made by YouTube last week when it announced a reduction in streaming quality for European consumers, as a result of the new Novel Corona virus, causing Internet speeds for people confined to homes. To avoid being affected.

By default YouTube defaults to standard definition at 480p and will last one month.

However, users will be able to increase the resolution of the videos, but this can be done manually.

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The company said in a statement to Bloomberg that we will work with governments and network operators around the world to minimize pressure on the Internet in this situation.

By the way, YouTube is not the only company to reduce the streaming quality and reduce the pressure on the broadband internet.

Earlier, Netflix also reduced streaming quality in Europe by 25%, while Apple and Amazon did so in Europe.

Netflix has said it will do the same in India, while in other countries it is assured to do so at the request of the local administration.

As a result of the Corona virus worldwide, the number of homeworkers is increasing, resulting in broader Internet speeds being severely affected in many countries.

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Not only were the video streaming platforms affected, but Sony has announced that it is slowing down PlayStation Down in Europe to protect Internet access for all communities.

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