A sign that could potentially be a sign of the new Corona virus

Most people suffering from the new Novel Corona virus disease Cod 19 have symptoms such as dry cough, fever and difficulty breathing.

But there are many patients who do not show these common symptoms, but do not show any symptoms, but there are also some patients who have less common symptoms such as diarrhea or loss of smell and taste sensation.

Now a new study reinforces the notion that this new nasal corona virus may be a sign of depletion of senses and tastes.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a corona virus patient was diagnosed with a sudden and complete loss of sensation, the most prominent symptom.

A woman over 40 years ago had a dry cough complaint but no fever.

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Researchers gave the woman a chance to smell 5 different scents to test her aroma, but she could not smell any.

Earlier, there was evidence that people who do not see common symptoms of Cod 19 may have a sign of deprivation of their senses, and if this happens suddenly then the corona virus is more likely.

If a patient is experiencing all three symptoms, such as loss of sensation, cough and fever, these clinicians should treat him as a coronary virus patient.

Researchers discovered in this patient’s MRI and CT scan why she eventually lost her sense of smell.

The narrow space behind the patient’s nose, where the air smells, showed swelling.

As a result of this swelling, the air contained in the air failed to reach the area, which helps to recognize the smell.

Further inspection revealed that the woman’s olfactory bulb had not been harmed; the woman did not suffer from the sensation of tasting, nor had a fever or nausea, which often affected the sensation of smell.

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Such patients can spread the virus
Earlier in March, the Royal College of Surgeons of England research yielded similar results.

Research says that the smell of smell is already linked to viruses because 40% of such cases are reported after a viral infection.

According to the research, the increase in data from Cod 19 patients in several countries provides a strong indication that most patients also suffer from sensation of smell during the symptoms of the disease.

In fact, it can often be the first symptom to appear, which is said to be the first and most common symptom.

Evidence further revealed that in addition to smelling, deprivation of taste sensation was seen in people who did not show any other symptoms of Cod19 but the virus was diagnosed.

Researchers have suggested that the sensation of smelling and tasting should also be made part of the Cod 19 screening symptom list, as other problems with the respiratory system may appear without symptoms.

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The study further states that such cases have been reported in Iran, the United States, France and northern Italy.

Researchers said that they examined a few days ago 4 patients under 40, with no other symptoms, but suddenly lost sensation.

“We think these patients are silently spreading the virus,” he said.

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