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Corona virus may still be in patients’ body after recovery, research

Patients with the new Novel Corona Virus Cod 19 virus may remain present for up to 8 days even after their symptoms are cleared and may infect other people in the meantime.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

The study included 16 Cod 19 patients from China, who showed mild symptoms and were discharged from a Beijing hospital from January 28 to February 9 when at least 2 Bar tests came negative.

The study, published in the journal American Journal of Respiratory and Clinical Care Medicine, revealed that half of the individuals’ physical systems were present even after the virus had passed away.

Of these, 14 suffered symptoms such as fever, 11 with cough, 11 with throat discomfort and 2 with shortness of breath.

The viral tests took place every other day after they arrived at the hospital until they became negative and they were instructed to stay in the house for two weeks in Quarantina.

After that, he was tested again in the hospital for the nasal corona virus and in 8 patients the test was positive even though he did not appear to be sick and this happened for one to 8 days.

Researchers say that the virus can be transmitted to the body at this time.

Scientists involved in the study at the Yale School of Medicine in the United States say that the most important part of the results was that 50% of patients were still treating the virus with the body after treating the symptoms, on average 2 days after the symptoms ended. Tests came out positive, while overall the duration was one to eight days.

They say that in more serious cases the duration of virus loss can be even longer.

At present, corona virus disease worldwide has infected more than 19 to 8 million people and 40,000 have been infected.

Researchers believe that the virus can be very contagious because it can transmit from person to person when no symptoms appear.

However, he said the study was limited because it did not include many patients and all of them had moderate to severe symptoms that were successful in defeating the disease.

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Healthy individuals should think about auto-isolation for a long time so other people are not affected by the virus, he added.

He said further research should be done in this regard to confirm whether the patient may still be the victim of the virus even after recovery.

Earlier in mid-March, a study discovered that people who defeat the virus can transmit to healthy individuals for up to 37 days, a longer duration than previously estimated.

China china The increase in the duration of the virus loss was observed during our research, which has significant implications for the precautionary measures in certified cases and the guidance regarding antiviral treatment, said Bin Kai, a professor at Japan Friendship Hospital and Capital Medical University.

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He said that before allowing patients to go home from hospital, the negative test of Cod-19 should be mandatory.

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