Corona Virus: National cricketers’ fitness tests will be taken online

Due to the corona virus, all activities including sports have been canceled, it has been decided to do the national cricket fitness test online.

National team players’ fitness tests were scheduled last month, but were canceled due to the uncertainty caused by the Corona virus.

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Head coach Misbah-ul-Haq plans to take the test online, however, due to concerns over the fitness of the players due to no activity.

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According to sources, the procedure for taking the fitness test of the players has been compiled by trainer Yasser Malik under which all the details have been sent to the players.

Videos will also be sent to guide players on fitness tests so they can prepare accordingly.

Domestic cricketers along with Pakistan’s national team are also expected to take the fitness test on April 20, while the Domestic players will be guided by their trainers for which they have been issued instructions.

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It should be remembered that due to the corona virus, all professional activities including social and sports have been severely affected in Pakistan like in the world.

Playoff contests of the Pakistan Super League have also been postponed indefinitely due to the virus, while it is difficult to hold a cricket series between Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as schedule all series in the near future.

Worldwide, all sports activities, including the Olympics, Euro Cup, Wimbledon, have been canceled due to the Corona virus.

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It should be remembered that the Corona virus, which originated in China’s Wuhan city, has killed at least 83,000 people and infected more than 450,000 people worldwide.

In Pakistan too, the virus is spreading with each passing day and so far 60 people have been killed and over 4000 have been infected in the country.

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