Childhood TB vaccine protects against cod 19, research

Recently, research has been launched to use vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) vaccine in various countries against the new novel corona virus disease, Cod-19.

The Bacillus Calmetti Gouverne (BCG) vaccine is used to protect newborns and young children from TB, and scientists think it may also protect against cod 19.

One study claims that the people given the vaccine received some protection against cod 19.

The study found that Code 19 cases and mortality rates are higher in countries where the vaccine is no longer used, such as the US, Italy, Spain and France.

The vaccine is still widely used in Pakistan, India, China and many countries.

The results of this study were published in medRxiv and researchers claim that the mortality rate of Cod19 is significantly lower in the countries where the vaccine is used.

The study noted that in countries where the vaccine was delayed, such as Iran where it was adopted in 1984, the death rate is high, which promotes the idea that the BCG protects such elderly people. Who have been using this vaccine since childhood.

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Researchers say that the number of certified Code 19 cases in countries that use this vaccine is likely to be even lower.

The vaccine contains a living and debilitating bacterium of TB, which provides immunity to the disease within the body.

Research suggests that the widespread use of the BCG vaccine will reduce the spread of Cod19, while other measures will reduce its spread.

Researchers say that one of the reasons for the rapid spread of the virus in China is that during the Cultural Revolution of 1966 to 1986, TB prevention and treatment institutions were suspended and weakened, causing people to Were affected.

The history of the vaccine is also unusual, and the idea of ​​making it came to light when medical experts observed that breastfeeding women are immune to TB.

The vaccine was named after the makers of it, Dr. Albert Calmetti and Dr. Kamli Gavorn, which they developed in the early 1900s with a variety of TB cases that affect livestock.

The vaccine was first used by humans in 1921 after a decade of animal testing, and after World War II, it became widely used worldwide.

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Like other vaccines, BC has a specific target, namely TB, but over the past decade, there has been evidence that this vaccine has other positive effects, such as viral, respiratory infections. And the severity of the illness decreases while the physical immune system is strengthened.

Scientists also discovered that in developing countries, so much emphasis is placed on hygiene, that children’s germ linkages are diminished, the immune system weakens and disease resistance is reduced due to lack of training.

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Until now, a large number of BC vaccine clinical trials have been announced in Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, while the US is also thought to help protect medical staff against cod 19.

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