Actor Akshat Utkarsh dies allegedly by suicide at his residence

In India, which has the status of the world’s largest film industry, where new and beautiful faces start their careers on the screen every day.

In India’s showbiz and TV industry, the tendency of actors to commit suicide is also higher than in other countries.

The rising suicide rate among TV and showbiz people in India can be gauged from the suicide of five actors in 16 weeks.

While the suicide of Shashant Singh Rajput is still a topic of discussion in India, news has now surfaced that another emerging Indian actor has also allegedly committed suicide.

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Emerging TV actor Akshat Atkarsh, 26, allegedly committed suicide in Mumbai, according to Indian news agency Asian News International (ANI).

The report quoted police as saying that the actor committed suicide at his residence in Andhra Pradesh, a suburb of Mumbai.

According to the police, the body of the actor was handed over to his heirs after postmortem and investigation was started.

On the other hand, Hindustan Times reported that Akshat Atkarsh died at the residence of his girlfriend.

The report said that a female friend of Akshat Atkarsh told the police that the actor had talked to her as usual the night before the suicide and his words did not make her feel upset.

The woman claimed that when she went to Akshat Atkarsh’s room after using the washroom, she was shocked to see him dead and she immediately informed the police.

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Mumbai’s Ambali police also confirmed the death of Akshat Atkarsh, saying they had filed a case of accidental death of the actor and started further investigation.

According to the police, the body parts of the actor were taken and sent for interrogation and the body was handed over to the heirs.

On the other hand, the actor’s family claimed that Akshat Atkarsh has been killed and Mumbai Police is not paying full attention to the matter despite their protests.

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Akshat Atkarsh also belonged to Muzaffarpur district of Bihar state and his body was taken to his native village.

Akshat Atkarsh’s suicide is the fifth suicide in India in the last 16 weeks.

Popular Bhojpuri film actress Anupama Phatak, 40, also committed suicide on August 7 before Sharavani Kondapalli.

A day before the Bhojpuri actress, 44-year-old actor Sameer Sharma, who has acted in popular Indian dramas like ‘Story of house to house, these are relationships of love and what should I call this love’, had also allegedly committed suicide.

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Before Sameer Sharma, 34-year-old Bollywood actor Shashant Singh Rajput also committed suicide on June 14.

Many actors, singers and fashionistas have committed suicide in India before.

Actress Shravani Kondapli committed suicide on September 9 this month. — File photo: India Today

Actress Shravani Kondapli committed suicide on September 9 this month. — File photo: India Today


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