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“People change”, Humaima Malik apologized to Mohsin Abbas Haider

Actress Humaima Malik indirectly apologized to the host and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider for using harsh words for her in the past during the TV show.

Recently, actress Humaima Malik participated as a guest in the host and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s program ‘Public Demand’.

At the end of the program, Humaima Malik thanked Mohsin Abbas for inviting him to the talk show, during which Humaima indirectly apologized for using harsh words for Mohsin Abbas in the past.

Although Hamaima did not explain what she was referring to, viewers guessed that Hamaima Malik was referring to when she came out in support of Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife Fatima Sohail on allegations of domestic violence and Mohsin Abbas used harsh words for Haider.

Humaima Malik hugged Mohsin Abbas during the program and said, “If I have ever said something like this to you in my life, I want to say it on-screen that times change, people change and styles change.” go ‘

In 2019, Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Fatima Sohail. They were married in 2015 but divorced in 2018. These allegations came to light when Fatima was pregnant and later had a son. .

When the allegations made by the ex-wife came out in the media, prominent showbiz personalities of Pakistan demanded a ban on Mohsin Abbas Haider and several producers and actors stopped working with him.

Among them were actress Humaima Malik and her sister Dua, at that time Humaima Malik expressed her support and sympathy for Fatima on Twitter and criticized Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Humaima Malik said in several of her tweets that ‘You used to beat and torture your wife daily when she was pregnant, we have seen the pictures and felt her pain, and now you are publicly saying that she is lying. Shame on you Mohsin!

In another tweet, Hamaima had used harsh words and said that ‘after listening to this heartless person and liar with his hands on the Holy Quran, I feel like whether I should cry out loud or laugh out loud’. Humaima called Mohsin Abbas Haider a ‘bastard’ and said, ‘You will give an answer to Allah, won’t you?’

In another tweet, Humaima Malik also said that she was a witness when her sister Dua Malik used to call her and tell her how painful it was for her to listen to Fatima Sohail and that it had been 3 years since her pain. I wish Fatima had raised her voice for herself earlier, which she is doing now.

Mohsin Abbas Haider did not face any serious consequences despite the strong reaction from the showbiz industry after the allegations leveled by his ex-wife on Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Mohsin Abbas Haider was at the peak of his career when these allegations came to light, he was also working for the private TV program Mazaq Raat, but the channel has expressed indifference to the actor after the allegations of violence.

Later he was also seen in some drama serials and now he is hosting his own talk show ‘Public Demand’ on the new private television channel Public News.

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