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Actress Anzeela Abbasi got married

Actress Anzeela Abbasi, daughter of popular actor and director Shamoon Abbasi and actress Jawaria Abbasi, tied the knot.

Anzeela Abbasi started acting a few years ago, till now she has not played any popular role.

Jawaria Abbasi and Shimoun Abbasi got married in 1997 as teenagers, but both got separated in 2007. After two years of marriage, their daughter Anzeela Abbasi was born.

Apart from acting, Anzeela Abbasi also sings while she is also seen modeling.

The news of their marriage was viral for the past few days and pictures and videos of their wedding celebrations also went viral on social media.

And now Anzeela Abbasi’s mother Jawaria Abbasi has confirmed her daughter’s marriage by sharing her daughter’s wedding photos.

Jawaria Abbasi shared the photos of her daughter’s wedding on August 6 and said that Anzaila Abbasi got married on August 5.

In the photos shared by him, he can be seen very happy on his daughter’s wedding.

Although Jawaria Abbasi shared pictures of her daughter’s wedding, she did not clarify where her daughter got married and who her husband was.

According to media reports, Anzeela Abbasi’s husband Tashfeen Ansari is a relationship counselor.

According to some media reports, Anzaila Abbasi’s wedding ceremony took place abroad, however, nothing can be confirmed in this regard.

In the viral photos and videos of Anzaila Abbasi’s wedding, her father Shimoun Abbasi was not seen nor did he share any post regarding his daughter’s wedding.

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