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Sashant was assassinated under a premeditated plan, Kangnarnaut

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has said that the death of Shashant Singh Rajput was not a suicide but he was killed under a premeditated plan.

News of the suicide of 34-year-old Bollywood actor Shashant Singh Rajput has shaken the entire Bollywood industry. Actress Kangana Ranaut has released a video message on the news of Shashant Singh’s suicide in which she described the prevailing nepotism in Bollywood, the pressure on artists for her own benefit, the attitude towards artists and indifference. Calling it the cause of Shant Singh’s death, he said that it was not a suicide but a murder.

In a viral video on social media, Kangana started her speech by saying that the death of Sashant Singh Rajput has shaken us all but some people are propagandizing that those whose brains are weak commit suicide due to depression. But Shashant Singh Rajput was an intelligent and capable man. How can his mind be weak?


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Kangna Ranaut exposed Bollywood industry. She said, #gullyboy jesi wahiyat film ko sare award milte hain #chhichore is the best film and best director unki film ko koi pochta bhi nhi hai. ye suicide nhi ye aik planned murder tha. Indian journalist chahte hain key wo ye history likhen key #sushantsinghrajput aik kamzor dimag ka insan tha jis ne apni zindagi ka khatma karlia. Are You agree with her? VC @entertainment.express_videos #kangnaranaut #sushant #ripsushanthsinghraput . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #AlizehShah #aimankhan #minalkhan #ayezakhan #fahadmustafa #ahmadshah #ptv #ptvhome #bhaeehazirhai #mehwishhayat #iqraaziz #HiraMani #haniaaamir #dilruba #ishqiya #ferozekhan #bilalabbaskhan #zaranoorabbas #SarahKhan #ayezakhanfans #affanwaheed #BilalAshraf #mahirakhan #zebaish

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Kangana Ranaut said that if you look at Sashant’s social media post, you will find that he was asking people to watch my films. I have no godfather. If you don’t watch my films, I should be expelled from the industry. Will

Kangana Ranaut blamed the nepotism in Bollywood for Shashant Singh’s death and said that Shashant was never appreciated for his work and no award was given to him. Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s Wahiyat film like “Gali Boy” got all the awards while Sashant Singh Rajput’s best film “Chhachhore” did not get any acclaim.

Opening a pool of Indian journalists, Kangnarnaut said that the biggest hand in depression of an artist is played by journalists who write about artists who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs while the same journalist Sanjay Dutt. Show good drug addiction.

Kangana Ranaut said that people from the journalistic community send me messages that I am having a bad time, so I should not take such a step, why do these people put in my mind that I should commit suicide, then Shashant Singh’s suicide too. Was it or was it a premeditated murder? But Sashant’s mistake was that he obeyed the journalists. These journalists told Shashant that you are useless, nothing will happen to you and he obeyed them and ended his life.

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