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The husband hid the symptoms and made the pregnant wife a victim of corona

The husband hid the symptoms and made the pregnant wife a victim of corona

It may be hard to believe, but there are many people in the world who try their best to hide it after being diagnosed with the new Novel Corona virus disease Cod 19, which is not only harmful to their health but also. Is also dangerous to other people.

Something similar happened in New York City, where a man hid the corona virus symptoms from hospital staff so he could stay with his pregnant wife in the maternity ward.

According to a USA Today report, the incident happened last week and the man concealed the Corona virus, after which his wife now has symptoms of the disease.

A Rochester Medical Center spokeswoman in New York said, “The symptoms of Cod 19 began to appear in the woman immediately after childbirth, and at that time the husband acknowledged the possible presence of the virus and said he was feeling the symptoms.”

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However, hospital staff did not disclose whether Cody 19 was confirmed in the husband, wife and newborn due to privacy rules.

The maternity ward staff has also been warned, but instead of isolation or quarantine, it is said to continue working until the symptoms appear.

According to the spokesman, a staff member had the symptoms but the Corona virus test came back negative.

After the incident, screening measures at the hospital have been tightened and restrictions on those coming to the maternity ward are being imposed.

Rochester Medical Center announced Monday that it will check the physical temperature of those visiting its campus hospitals, while the use of surgical masks has been mandatory for staff, patients and their visitors.

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New York is the largest region affected by the outbreak, where the number of cases has grown to more than 76,000, the equivalent of the whole of China, where 82,000 cases have been confirmed.

The US state has recorded more than 177 deaths so far, while the total number of cases in the United States has reached close to 100,000, and more than 4,000 patients have been killed.

Worldwide, the outbreak has so far affected more than 8,74,000 people, killing more than 43,000 and recovering 100,000 85,000.

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In terms of health care, China is at the top with 76,382, followed by Spain, with 22,647 patients defeating the disease, while Germany’s 16,100 patients, Italy’s 15 thousand 729 patients. Iran’s 15,473 patients were declared cleared of the virus.

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