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Thai king isolate in luxury hotel with 20 women

Thailand’s King Maha Wajerlong Korn is often the headline of the media for his activities.

Like last year, he married a protective woman, Sodha Ayodhya, who gave her the status of queen, and later another name came out in the news about the woman.

The 67-year-old king has now been isolated during a holiday in Germany to a luxury hotel to protect himself from the Corona virus.

But the King’s move is shocking because they have booked the entire hotel for this purpose and they are not alone there but they will be accompanied by 20 women.

British media report that the Thai Grand King Sonnenbichl, the luxurious Grand Hotel in the German region Garmisch Partenkirchen, was booked and obtained special permission from the District Council for this purpose.

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Along with the king, 20 women and several employees of his harem will stay at the hotel, but it is unclear whether his four wives are also staying at the hotel.

Photos courtesy Grand Hotel Facebook Page

Photos courtesy Grand Hotel Facebook Page

Guest houses and hotels in the German area were ordered to be closed as a result of the Corona virus, but a local district council spokeswoman said authorization to the Thai king is an exception because guests are part of the same group.

However, 119 members of the Thai king’s delegation have been sent back to the country with the suspicion that they have fallen prey to cod 19.

Thousands of people in Thailand are also being criticized by Maha Wijerlong Korn at a luxurious location in Thailand, where criticism of the online monarch is still a crime.

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In fact, under the laws of Thailand, a king can be sentenced to 15 years in prison for criticism, but there is currently a hashtag circulating on Twitter asking what we need in the end.

More than 1,000 people have been infected with the Corona virus in Thailand and lockdowns have been reported in various parts of Thailand so far.

It is believed that Maha Wajerlong Korn has not appeared to the people in his country since February.

King Maha Wajerlong Korn became king of Thailand after his father’s death in 2016, but he took office in May 2019, three years after his father’s death.

Before he became king, he was the guardian of the covenant and was regarded as a colorful temperament man.

Before marrying his own protective woman after taking over the throne, she had married three and had seven children.

The King of Thailand married the first woman of his family in 1977, which lasted for several years, and the couple also had their first child in 1978.

King’s first marriage ended in divorce two decades later in 1999, after which the king married an actress.

Maha Wajerlong Korn married the second marriage in 1995 before the first marriage ended and their marriage lasted only 2 years.

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The king of Thailand married his third wife in 2010 and has a third wife, but his third marriage ended in divorce in 2014.

Maha Wajerlong’s three marriages preceded Kourin’s marriage, while he married a few days before becoming the fourth king to sit on the throne.

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