A common drug reduces the risk of death in patients with code 19, research says

It is believed that the use of a single pill of aspirin daily can prevent various diseases, only medical experts can tell how true this is.

But now a study claims that patients undergoing hospitalization due to the new coronavirus disease Code 19 can reduce their risk of complications and death from the epidemic if they use small amounts of aspirin daily.

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A study by the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the United States claims that code 19 patients who use aspirin are less likely to reach the ICU or go to the ventilator support than others and avoid the drug. They also have a lower risk of death than residents.

Expressing “cautious hope” in a study published in the medical journal Anesthesia and Analysis, he said that a cheap and readily available drug could prevent serious complications of code 19.

He said it was the most important discovery that needed to be confirmed by a clinical trial, which, if confirmed, would make aspirin the first widely available drug to reduce the mortality rate of code 19 patients.

The study looked at the records of 412 Code 19 patients who had been hospitalized for the past few months due to complications of the disease.

These patients were treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center, 25% of whom were taking 81 mg of aspirin daily before or after hospitalization to treat vascular diseases. Prevent

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Researchers have found that using aspirin can reduce the risk of ventilator support by 44%, ICU admission by 43% and risk of death by 47%.

The study also found that aspirin users did not experience any side effects during hospitalization, such as bleeding.

Researchers looked at factors such as age, sex, body weight, race, blood pressure and diabetes, as well as medications to prevent heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease and high blood pressure.

Note that code 19 increases the risk of fatal blood clots in the heart, lungs, blood vessels and other organs, leading to heart attacks, strokes and organ failure.

Doctors recommend a small daily dose of aspirin to patients who have previously suffered a heart attack or stroke due to thickening or clotting of the blood to avoid further blood clots.

However, with daily use there is a risk of bleeding and the prescribed amount has to be used as directed by the doctor.

Experts at the University of Maryland say that we believe that the blood-thinning properties of aspirin help protect patients with code 19 from small clots.

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“Patients should consider daily use of aspirin when diagnosed with code 19, but they must consult a doctor first,” he said.

Aspirin can be harmful for people who have kidney disease or are taking certain medications.

The researchers added that the study would help discover new treatments for code 19 and save patients’ lives, although further research into the use of aspirin is needed, but so far the evidence suggests. Patients should consult their doctor about whether it is safe for them to use aspirin, to avoid possible complications.

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