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Showbiz personalities who are victims of Corona

The country has seen an increase in corona cases since the lockdown eased in mid-May last year, and on June 7, the number of corona patients in the country exceeded one million.

Pakistan currently has more cases of corona than any other country, including China, and is second only to India in the region in terms of corona patients.

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In India, 259,000 people have fallen victim to corona, while in Pakistan, by the evening of June 8, 160,000 people had fallen victim to corona.

Saghir Elahi passed away on May 21. Photo: Facebook

Corona deaths in Pakistan are also on the rise and as of the evening of June 8, there were 2,096 deaths from the epidemic in the country and in the last two weeks, government officials and doctors, including members of parliament and politicians, have died due to corona. ۔

One of the reasons for the increase in cases in Pakistan is the increase in the number of tests, because more tests are being conducted now than in the past, so more cases are coming to the fore.

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Corona is affecting showbiz personalities as well as ordinary people and in the last 24 hours at least 2 actors have been diagnosed with corona while a total of more than half a dozen showbiz personalities have been confirmed as corona.

TV and stage actor Saghir Elahi Kachhi, who hails from Larkana, Sindh, also died on May 21 last month due to Corona, and a dozen deaths had occurred in his neighborhood due to Corona.

Showbiz personalities who fall victim to Corona

Wasi Chaudhry

Actor, host and writer Wasi Chaudhry also tweeted on June 8 that he too has been diagnosed with Corona.

The actor said that his family’s tests were negative and he quarantined himself after being diagnosed with Corona and also identified those who had been in contact with him in the past few days.

Shafat Ali

On June 7, actor, TV host and comedian Shafaat Ali confirmed in a tweet that he had been diagnosed with Corona.

He said he did not have such severe symptoms and confined himself to the house.

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Rubina Ashraf

Leading actress Rubina Ashraf was also diagnosed with corona in early June this year and she confirmed it in a conversation with Dawn on June 3.


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Plz pray for rubina ashraf.Allah unhe sehat den Ameen

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On June 7, news went viral about the actress saying that her condition has become very worrying and she has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but the actress denied such rumors and many other showbiz personalities also Rejected such news.

However, on June 8, Rubina Ashraf’s illness remained a top trend on Twitter and many showbiz personalities were seen appealing to people to pray for her health.

Actress Ndayasir, who is suffering from corona, also appealed to her fans to pray for Rubina Ashraf’s health through her social media post.

Abrar Ul Haq

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member and singer Abrar-ul-Haq was also diagnosed with corona on May 31 last month.

He also tweeted that he had quarantined himself after Corona’s diagnosis, but that he would continue to do the necessary work online.

Nada Yasir and Yasir Nawaz

His daughter, including actress and TV host Nada Yasir and her actor Yasir Nawaz, was diagnosed with corona on May 25 last month and has been in quarantine ever since.

A few days ago, the news that Nada Yasir was in a very bad condition had also gone viral. However, the actress had denied the news through a social media post and said that she was in good health.

Naveed Raza

Actor Naveed Raza was also diagnosed with corona on May 25, when he was tested after attending Nada Yasir’s morning show.

Naveed Raza is also in quarantine at the moment and he had said through social media post a few days ago that Corona’s patient is facing new and difficult symptoms every day and he thinks that he will be separated from his loved ones. ۔

Sakina Samon

Actress Sakina Simmons is also rumored to have had coronation, but she herself did not elaborate on the matter nor does she intend to comment on her health.

A few days ago, he tweeted after the false news about himself went viral and said that a journalist contacted him and kept asking him about his health, but he told the journalist that he She did not want to talk about health, after which false news was spread about her.

Sakina Simmons clarified that she did not want to talk about her health, but despite this, news of her corona was published by various news websites.

Salman Ahmed

Singer Salman Ahmed became the first Pakistani showbiz personality to be diagnosed with Corona in April while living in the United States.

After 2 weeks in quarantine, Salman Ahmed managed to defeat Corona and on April 19 he recovered.

In addition to showbiz personalities, Corona has also been diagnosed in two female anchors who are currently airing news programs on news channels.

Maria Memon

News anchor and host Maria Memon tweeted on May 30 that Corona’s

He was diagnosed and transferred to quarantine.

He appealed to the people not to pay attention to the rumors about Corona and to take their test when the symptoms appear, including taking social distance.

Gharida Farooqi

Former news anchor and host Gharida Farooqi also tweeted on June 3 that she had moved to quarantine after being diagnosed with corona.

He also told the people not to believe the rumors about Corona, there is no shame in anyone getting any disease, he also instructed the people to stay away from each other.

In addition to the two anchors, many journalists and media personalities, as well as social leaders and politicians, have been affected by the corona. Had reached

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