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Nada Yasir’s advice on how to stay healthy in corona virus

KARACHI: Morning show host Nada and her husband Yasir Nawaz have shared some tips and tricks during a live session on Instagram that can be used to keep oneself healthy in case of corona virus.

Nada Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and their daughter have all contracted the corona virus and have been living in self-imposed quarantine at home for the past 13 days. But in the meantime, Nada and Yasir are not far from the people, but are keeping them informed about their health and activities through social media.

Nada and Yasir celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary during quarantine two days ago, the video of which was shared on social media, saying that it was their memorable wedding anniversary.

On the same day, the duo not only shared their activities with their fans during a live session on Instagram, but also shared tips to keep themselves healthy in case of corona virus.

Nada and Yasir said they have reduced their use of air conditioning during quarantine. They are both taking clonji, vitamin C tablets, zinc, herbal tea, cinnamon, ginger tea and lemon water to improve their health and we used all the indigenous tips.

Nada added that she will also share more in her morning show on what to use in case of coronation and how to take care of yourself.

During the live session, Nada and Yasir also thanked their neighbors for taking care of them and sending things to them. A user asked Yasir Nawaz, “You are becoming very stylish day by day,” to which Yasir replied, “I am becoming more and more erotic by watching Ertugrul.”

In the video, Nada said that she was spending her quarantine time watching the Turkish drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” which made her have a great time.

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