Mavera Episode 23 English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD


Mavera Episode 22 Review

In Mavera Episode 22, Shahsuvar sneaks around Mervan’s place and executes his assistant. Haje gives the medication that Khutluk made to individuals in the Sazlik area. Leyla attempts to comprehend why Pehlivan carries on that way and converses with Aytolu about it. Leyla understands that Atif took in the caliph’s place from Adnan. Pehlivan admits to Haje that he disclosed to Leyla the spot of the caliph. Haje sees how Atif discovered the spot of the caliph. Leyla blows up with Adnan for what he did. Adnan concedes all that he does and says he adores Leyla. Then, Pehlivan reveals to Haje that he adores Leyla and apologizes to him. Ahmed asks him not to be embarrassed and reveals to him a story. Adnan concedes that he murdered Mahbube.

Shahsuvar says he needs to be a supporter of Mervan. Mervan requests that he kiss his hand, however Shahsuvar kidnaps him rapidly. Mahmud attempts to stop Shahsuvar, yet he murders Mervan. Mervan’s supporters assault them, yet Haje and Pehlivan help Mahmud. Crusaders carry a man to help Dubeys. The warriors say that this man will make drawings for the victory of Baghdad. Haje dresses Shahsuvar’s injuries. Shahsuvar says he will sit tight for death alone now and leaves the dervish stop. The caliph’s officers say they couldn’t discover Atif around there. This man, nicknamed Infidel, begins working day and night and starts making apparatuses to be utilized in Baghdad’s attack.

Dai says that Mervan’s passing was not astonished on the grounds that the entirety of Atif’s men were problematic. Because of Khutluk’s medication, a large portion of individuals in the Sazlik area recuperate. Haje comes in while conversing with the patients from Aytolu. Haje says thanks to Aytolu for what she has done and reveals to her that he will take her to the plain. Pehlivan goes to Leyla’s home and tracks down Adnan’s dormant body there. Haje and Aytolu have a significant conversation out and about. Mansur goes to the dervish hotel and sees that there is no one there. Efkan says that Mahmud had a battle with Pehlivan. Mansur is extremely astounded by this. Dubeys gathers Infidel and asks him to rapidly create the weapons.

Haje at that point starts to make statements about the Prophet’s better half and their relationship. Ahmed interferes with his discourse and asks Leyla for what valid reason she is vexed. Leyla asks Haje for absolution and says that she didn’t act well after what befell her. Leyla wishes to have a respectable life as Haje has recounted in his accounts.

Mavera Episode 23 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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