Mavera Episode 22 English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD


Mavera Episode 21 Review

In Mavera Episode 21, The caliph thanks the wanderers for what they did and requests to give Aytolu gold as a prize, yet she doesn’t acknowledge it. Fighters take Atif to the prison. Dai says that Atif is out of the game, however they have effectively harmed the Sazlik area. The specialist says that he did everything to make Necip mend. Shahsuvar is exceptionally terrified and quickly goes to Haje’s shop to request help. Ahmed and his companions go to the Sazlik area. Ahmed says he will petition God for Necip and Shahsuvar starts to cry. Mustershid gets back to the royal residence with his little girl and apologizes to her. The Caliph says that he is presently recuperated and that he will rebuff the double crossers.

Mustershid says he knows it all and says that Atif’s discipline is execution. Atif requests that the caliph spare his life. The Caliph comes clean with him that in the event that he tells and his accomplices, he will pardon him. Shahsuvar discusses what Necip said before he passed on and says that he will leave the Sazlik area. Ahmed stops him and reveals to him that he should be the man Necip needs, however Shahsuvar leaves the area. Haje at that point inspects different youngsters. Mervan says that Baghdad is not, at this point ok for them on the grounds that Atif is in the prison. Mansur and Khutluk come when Ahmed converses with the youngsters. Khutluk asks how this illness happened and starts to look at the patients.

Saltukh goes to the Sazlik area and discloses to Ahmed that Dubeys executed Bedouin warriors. Saltukh tells that Dubeys later purchased the harmed flour. Haje understands that the bread in the area is harmful and advises this to Khutluk. A few officers remove Atif from the prison. Haje goes to the Baghdad library with his companions and starts searching for a remedy for his sickness. Caliph discovers that Atif has gotten away from the prison and understands that there are still swindlers in the royal residence. Dai converses with Atif and says he will live. Dai requests that Mervan start a defiance. The following day, Atif makes an impression on Mervan and enacts him.

Khutluk and Aytolu begin to make medication in the plain for the illness at Sazlik. Mervan begins conversing with his adherents and reveals to them that Atif is guiltless. Mervan says that Hamadani abused them by ousting them from the dervish hold up and the caliph did terrible things.

Mavera Episode 22 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 22 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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