Mavera Episode 24 English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD


Mavera Episode 23 Review

In Mavera Episode 23, Aytolu blessings Ahmed with food. Ahmed sees Akboru doing sword preparing with Yalgiz and converses with them. Mansur carries something to eat for Shahsuvar, however he keeps on sitting alone in the room without eating anything. At the point when Ahmed gets back to the spoon shop, Pehlivan discloses to him that Leyla murdered Adnan. Pehlivan says he is both pitiful and irate for Leyla doing something like this. Ahmed converses with him and attempts to quiet him down. Saltukh goes to Haje’s shop.

In the mean time, Pehlivan goes to the plain. Pehlivan says that he realizes what befell Adnan and that he has done what is essential. Pehlivan attempts to comfort Leyla and discloses to her that he acknowledges his sentiments now. Saltukh’s officer comes to town like a poor person and says they will render retribution on Dubeys. Saltukh says that Dubeys took orders from Alamut and what Atif did in Baghdad. Administrator reveals to Saltukh that Karapars is alive. Dai goes to Dubeys’ base camp to look at the instrument made by Infidel. Unbeliever calls Atif and discloses to him how to utilize the weapon, however he can’t utilize that weapon. Saltukh is astounded to discover that his dad is as yet alive.

Dai says he should deal with everything now. In the interim, Dai’s officers sneak up on the itinerant plain and make a move to assault. Ahmed at that point goes to the dervish hotel and sees Mansur is vexed. Mansur says that Pehlivan and Mahmud contended and that Shahsuvar is as yet not eating. Haje quickly goes to converse with Shahsuvar. Shahsuvar says discreetly that he needs to anticipate passing, however Ahmed goes against him. Ahmed keeps Shahsuvar a secret forever and requests that he get a hold of himself.

Yalgiz attempts to save Akboru. Aytolu escapes her tent and attempts to battle yet assailants execute her sibling directly before her eyes. Dai’s officers nearly execute everybody on the plain. Dai says that Haje will be extremely vexed and that they will easily hold onto Baghdad. While Ahmed is visiting with the dervishes about aiding everybody in Baghdad, Akboru comes and says that there was an assault on the plain. Dai at that point calls the Infidel and discloses to him that he isn’t insane. Atif and Dubeys talk about how to assault Baghdad. Haje and many go to the migrant plain rapidly. Mansur sees that Mahmud and Pehlivan are dead.

Mavera Episode 24 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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