Mavera Episode 25 English, Urdu Subtitles Full HD


Mavera Episode 24 Review

In Mavera Episode 24, Ahmed places little wooden swords in the graves of Mahmud and Pehlivan. Akboru attempts to recuperate Yalgiz’s back injury and converses with him. Yalgiz starts to talk after the slaughter in the migrant plain. Saltkukh tells how great Almas was and how well she ran his clan for quite a while frame. Ahmed concurs with what he says and says that Almas helped everybody regardless. Saltukh says it has been two months since the slaughter, however they actually haven’t discovered any hint of Aytolu. Ahmed says he actually has a draining injury in his heart and he is stressed over Khutluk. Khutluk weeps for his lost youngsters and appeals to Allah. Asife goes to the plain and converses with Ahmed for some time. Leyla packs her things to leave the city and sobs for Pehlivan.

The Caliph’s troopers say that Dubeys’ fighters were gradually moving toward the city and surprisingly a portion of the officers in the castle went along with them. Dai keeps on addressing Infidel and discloses to him that he actually has a mysterious he is keeping. Heathen says he has no mystery and snickers at what Dai said. Haje at that point goes to the dervish hotel and starts conversing with Shahsuvar. Shahsuvar says that Ahmed should stand up now for individuals of Baghdad. Ahmed at that point calls individuals to the dervish cabin and discloses to them that they should get ready to ensure Baghdad. In the mean time, an officer comes and says that the caliph has called Haje to the royal residence. Unbeliever attempts to converse with Aytolu and asks her not to fail to remember the things in her memory.

Aytolu doesn’t recollect what her identity is. Atif goes to the royal residence as Dubeys’ represetative. Atif says that if the caliph disavows his position, Dubeys will hold onto the city without carnage and loot. Dai over and over advises Aytolu to execute Haje and that he is a foe of her. Aytolu acknowledges what Dai says. The Caliph blows up at what Atif said, yet Atif keeps on inciting him with his mean words.

Saltukh reveals to Ahmed that there are insufficient warriors in Baghdad to oppose the Dubeys armed force. Haje says that individuals will oppose the trespassers and requests help from the Seljuk Empire. Saltukh requests help from his authority, however the administrator says that the caliph should make this solicitation. Ahmed says he will go to converse with Dubeys. Mansur offers to go to rather than him, however Haje decays his offer and sets out.

Mavera Episode 25 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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