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Mavera Episode 25 Review

In Mavera Episode 25, Asife says that she won’t go to Basra notwithstanding her dad’s solicitation and that she will satisfy her obligation. Dai says it’s an ideal opportunity to murder the foes and gives Aytolu a blade. Dai requests that Aytolu murder Infidel, yet Aytolu denies. Dai keeps on conversing with Aytolu, and she at last cuts Infidel. Dai says that when the opportunity arrives, Aytolu will murder Haje and she will go to paradise after that. Ahmed tells everybody in the market that Dubeys will assault soon and requests that they oppose regardless. Dubeys discloses to Dai that Haje has shown up as a minister and now needs to assault. Atif says that Haje will arrange individuals of Baghdad to stand up to. Dai says he will take out Haje.

Dai says that when the opportunity arrives, he will send a sign to Aytolu. Asife goes to Haje’s shop and expresses gratitude toward him for how he helped the city. Asife asks Haje for a mission to shield the city. In the mean time, Mansur goes to the shop and advises that Aytolu has returned to the plain. Leyla sees that Khutluk is miserable and attempts to comfort him. Leyla says she will do anything for travelers. Ahmed goes to the traveling plain and starts conversing with Aytolu. Aytolu says she is exceptionally glad to be back and asks where her sibling, Almas, and Pehlivan are. Khutluk says that Urungu kicked the bucket in the assault. Aytolu starts to cry and recollects what Dai said. Asife believes that Haje loves Aytolu after what occurred in the shop and starts to cry.

Aytolu asks what her words mean, yet Mansur can’t offer her a response. Aytolu sees Urungu in her fantasy. Urungu requests that his sister secure herself and goes discreetly. Aytolu at that point sees Dai and recalls his torments. Aytolu takes the blade Dai gave her and reveals to her that she will murder Haje. Haje says that they have the ability to secure Baghdad and that they will achieve this mission with the consent of Allah. Ahmed at that point calls everybody around the fire and starts to implore.

Aytolu requests that Ahmed make a guarantee to return securely from the conflict. The following day, Asife reveals to her dad that she will go to Basra as he wishes. Dai says that he will murder Haje so individuals of Baghdad won’t help it. Asife goes to the itinerant plain to bid farewell to Haje, yet her protectors start to say what Dai said to Aytolu. Aytolu takes her blade in her grasp to murder Ahmed.

Mavera Episode 26 English Subtitles Full HD

Mavera Episode 26 Urdu Subtitles Full HD

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