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Has Corona Virus Resistance been Developed in Many People?

The new Novel Corona virus has infected around 1.5 million people worldwide so far, and the number is increasing daily.

But now scientists in Germany have reported good news for those suffering from the outbreak, suggesting that the population is likely to be immune to the new Novel Corona virus.

The research claims that in fact, more than expected, people have been infected with the Corona virus and have developed resistance to it.

Scientists after researching people in a town known as the epicenter of the outbreak in Germany, discovered that the affected individuals, who did not show symptoms, had anti-virus antibodies. , These people were never considered to be patients.

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Preliminary results of the study were released Thursday, indicating that 15% of the town’s population has already developed immunity to the virus, which is 3 times higher than previously estimated.

The results also showed that the death rate for the virus in Germany is only 0.37%, which is 5 times less than the current estimate.

Professor Hendrik Streak, the lead of the research team, said at a press conference that this means that a slowdown in lockdown is now possible, as the Germans are more accustomed to diligence and discipline, so we proceed to the second phase. Have been able to. ‘

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However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the possibility of ending the lockdown soon, saying that we should not be negligent, so that all the successes could wane.

The Bonn University study included a ganglet in the German district of Heinzberg, and reviewed all the population there.

For this purpose, close to 1,000 households of 400 households also showed signs of infection with antibodies tests.

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Preliminary results revealed that 2% of the population is currently exposed to Cod 19 and 14% have been exposed to antibodies against the virus, meaning that 15% of the population in the town can now be considered immune to the virus.

Professor Gunter Hartman, another scientist involved in the study, said that 15 percent is not far from our 60 percent target, which we would like to see as a resistance created by people against the epidemic, 60 to 70 percent resistance. The virus will completely disappear from the population and will not endanger the elderly.

Researchers say that the results have given rise to hope because 15% means that the spread of the virus has decreased significantly.

He said the death rate in the town was also very low because it identified all the victims, including those who did not have symptoms or who had minor illnesses.

It is not yet clear how long the virus can remain in people affected by the virus, but in similar viruses, the duration can be from one year to 18 months.

Researchers say the results are a significant breakthrough and will help lift the lockdown.

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