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Corona virus: Demand for bridal mask has increased in Pakistan

After the first case of the Corona virus came out in Pakistan at the end of February 2020, Demand for bridal mask has increased in Pakistan, where there was a shortage of medical and general fee masks across the country, there was also a shortage of sanitizers and other medical products and medicines.

Due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus in the country when the Sindh government banned the gatherings of the people and instructed the people to wear a face mask for precautionary measures, suddenly there was a new trend in the country regarding the face mask and the bride. The perfect mask for the mask began to appear.

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After Sindh, other provinces also banned the gatherings of weddings, demand for bridal fees masks increased and after that, tailor-made tailor-made mask for bride-to-be, including tailor-made bridal homes. Started work

And while medical and general face masks are not available at this time, fashion houses and tailors are also busy making costume and expensive face masks for brides.

According to a media report, people who are getting married this season after the rapid spread of the Corona virus in the country, are also wearing a zebra face mask similar to a wedding dress under precautionary measures.

There is a demand for face masks for more brides than brides, and fashion houses are also making face masks on costume matching to boost their earnings.

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Fees masks made for brides are not the same as ordinary face masks, but they are also embroidered while special fabrics are used.

At the same time, despite the outbreak of the Corona virus on social media, images of married couples who are wearing masks on the occasion of marriage.

پارٹیوں کے بغیر شادی کرنے والے دلہا اور دلہن بھی ماسک استعمال کرتے دکھائی دے رہے ہیں—فوٹو: فہد صدیقی فوٹوگرافی

Marriages and bride-to-be demanding a zebra fee mask are also being subjected to severe criticism during government efforts to keep people confined to homes, including the outbreak of the outbreak and the lack of public face masks in the country. ۔

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However, despite the outbreak of corona virus worldwide and the banning of marriage ceremonies, not only Pakistan but people are getting married and making their weddings memorable.

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