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Online test for corona virus symptom analysis

Concerns about this are also increasing with the increase in the number of new nasal corona virus cases worldwide.

In fact, most symptoms of the coronavirus disease, Cod 19, are so much more common than seasonal diarrhea or flu that it is difficult for most people to distinguish which disease they are suffering from.

This is the reason that even people with common cold get nervous and try to go to hospitals for tests, but worldwide there is a dearth of corona virus diagnostic test kits.

In France, the solution is derived in the form of an online test that aims to help more worried people analyze their symptoms and guide them further.

Anyone in the world can benefit from this online test. Just acquaintance with French language or get help with Google Translate.

The test was approved by the French Ministry of Health and is live on a website from Wednesday.

It asks 24 questions about the common symptoms people encounter during Quad 19.

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These questions like have you had a fever for the past few days? What is Body Temperature? Are you experiencing abnormal fatigue? Or experienced some sort of respiratory problem? There are.

The test is based on an algorithm that keeps up to date on the latest scientific findings regarding the corona virus and, in the end, the user gains additional information about body weight, height, age and general health.

They are then advised that they should consult a doctor for further consultation, suggesting the possibility of contacting emergency services or not having a virus.

Dr Faberis Dennis, a member of the team that developed the test, said: ‘This test does not diagnose, but basically analyzes the health to tell people the probability of the virus’.

The test has been widely shared on social media and has been tested by many in France.

As noted above, corona virus testing kits have been lacking in most countries and tests for the most ill or elderly are preferred.

According to the French government, this online test has to reassure people that their symptoms are common flu or flu, while also reducing the coronary virus strain on medical services.

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Dr. Dennis says this was helpful because it reduced the number of unnecessary phone calls.

So far more than two million people have visited this website and over 1 million have answered all the queries.

Twelve percent of them were directed to contact emergency services, and Dr. Dennis says the general public has benefited from the availability of the test.

In this test the user is not required to disclose his / her identity, however the postal code has to be registered and the data is sent to the Pasteur Institute of Paris for further analysis.

In France so far, about 15,000 cases have been confirmed and more than 500 have been killed.

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