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A mysterious aspect of the corona virus that has led to many deaths

With each passing day, new details are emerging about the new novel coronavirus disease code 19 and how it can wreak havoc on the body.

Earlier it was reported that the disease can lead to heart problems, kidney damage and mental health complications.

Medical experts are now facing a mysterious blood problem in patients with code 19, during which the problem of clots in different parts of the body is seen.

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In a blood clot, the blood does not stay thin, but thickens like a gel and takes on the shape of a clot, increasing the risk of life-threatening complications.

It occurs in Ebola, dengue and other blood-borne fevers and is fatal.

By the way, code 19 targets the lungs, but this blood clotting or clotting process is taking place where it is not even expected.

Lewis Kaplan, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and head of the American Society of Critical Care Medicine, told the Washington Post that every year, doctors experience complications from this blood problem, but never see what is happening as a result of Code 19. came.

“The problem is that we think there is a clot, but we still don’t understand why there is a clot, we don’t know and it has scared us,” he said.

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The first symptoms appear in the legs which become blue and swollen, even in patients who are taking blood thinners in the ICU, but their blood also starts to thicken. , Which is not uncommon in one or two patients in a single unit, but is certainly uncommon with multiple at the same time.

Since then, dialysis machines, which filter blood when kidney function has been impaired, have been used several times a day to prevent blood from clotting and to cause jamming.

According to Craig Cooper Smith, head of the ICU team at Emory University, one day while talking to team leaders, a doctor said that one of his patients had a strange blood problem and was still on the bloodstain. Clots are forming, its second, then third, even everyone in the room mentioned the same thing.

“At the time we knew it was a big problem, it was happening to 20, 30 or 40 percent of the patients,” he said.

Examination revealed hundreds of small blood clots in the lungs after the deaths of some patients, even last week Broadway actor Nick Cordero had to amputate his right leg after being diagnosed with the corona virus because of blood clots.

According to Dr. Craig Cooper Smith, “there is a global consensus that this is very different.”

As noted above, when some patients underwent postmortem, scientists expected to find evidence of pneumonia and damage to the small ducts of the lungs, but small clots were seen everywhere.

In this regard, medical experts from all over the United States met at Zoom and shared their thoughts and treatment methods.

There is currently no consensus on the cause of this problem and the strategy to overcome it, but most believe that this is the cause of the numerous deaths of Code 19 patients in the United States, and that it could explain why so many people But why are they dying because of this disease?

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The problem was also seen in China and Italy, but research reports there did not focus much on it, but on the destruction of the lungs.

“This revelation has scared us, we haven’t heard much about it globally,” said Greg Piazza, a cardiologist at Bergham & Women’s Hospital.

Helen W. Boucher, an infectious disease specialist at Tufts Medical Center, said there was no reason to believe the virus was different in the United States.

According to him, the possible reason is that this problem is more prominent for American doctors because the rate of heart disease and obesity in American patients is very high, which is affecting them more than blood clots.

The leading cause of death
Blood carries nutrients to the cells and removes waste, but when the body is severely traumatized, the blood reacts too much, causing excessive clots or blood flow due to imbalance. , Many times the two are together.

Yale New Haven Cardiac Specialist Harlan Crewholes said no one knows if complications in the blood are the result of a direct attack on the arteries or the effect of too much reddening of the immune system against the virus.

“One of the different views is that when the body fights an invader, the clotting factors in the body become active, which leads to blood clots or hemorrhage,” he said. More blood clots are forming in Code 19.

A study published in the journal JAMA on Wednesday found that most cod 19 patients admitted to a hospital in New York State had blood clotting problems.

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On April 10, a Dutch study found that 38% of the 184 patients being treated in the ICU had a blood clot.

Preliminary data from 183 patients in China found that more than 70% of patients died from small clots that formed throughout the bloodstream

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