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Corona epidemic is causing panic, Bushra Ansari

TORONTO: Leading Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari says the Corona epidemic has created an environment where going out is scary and frightening.

Speaking on VOA’s Instagram Life, celebrity and comedian Bushra Ansari said, “I believe that death is bound to come one day, but I am disturbed by the uncertainty caused by Corona.

It is an environment where there is fear of going out.” Come on, this atmosphere of panic is disturbing.

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Bushra Ansari said about her private life that she has been divorced for many years. She and her husband also tried hard in their 36-year marriage to make them both happy but in the last 16 years there were many problems in our life. Yet we did not separate.

The actress said that when the girls grew up, they separated because the girls had become sensible. However, it is not the case that Iqbal Ansari, the father of the girls, is not the best father for the daughters.

The actress said about the beginning of her career that in our time girls were not allowed to come on TV so their father allowed them to go on PTV because it was a reputable institution.

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The actress said that the old work is getting less than before. Earlier, when dramas started in Pakistan, literary material was molded into radio dramas, then it was molded into TV dramas, which was very good, but after the industry became commercial. The quality is very low.

The actress is currently with her daughter in Canada, where she went to Toronto to do shows for a charity.

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