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The first episode of ‘Isolation’ Saba Qamar’s YouTube channel has come out

Famous Pakistani actor Saba Qamar had recently announced that she is going to launch her own YouTube channel and now she has also released the first episode ‘Isolation’ on her channel.

When the actress announced that she was going to launch her own YouTube channel, she said in an interview that she would not share anything about her daily life on the channel but would further improve her talent and Will allow new talent to emerge through their channel.

Remember that while many actors make fans a part of their lives after launching their channel on YouTube, Saba Qamar has tried to do something different and new with this channel.

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Recently, the actress also released a teaser for her YouTube channel, which gave fans an idea of ​​what they could watch on the actress’ channel.

At the time, Saba Qamar had said that she was making a series herself, which she produced as well as wrote.

And now the actress has also released the first episode, which was named ‘Isolation’ considering the current situation.

The episode begins with Saba Qamar’s normal life, followed by loneliness due to lockdown.

The director of this episode is Shiraz Malik while Masood Malik is the director of photography.

Saba Qamar said, “This is a lesson for all of us. Charity is for the insignificant like you and me. When this storm subsides, when we will be reunited with our loved ones.

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“Before, there was no time to talk to anyone and now we are thirsty for someone to talk to,” he said.

This first episode of Saba Qamar has been watched more than 72,000 times so far.

So far, 10,400 people have subscribed to his YouTube channel.

The actress has not yet said when the second episode of her channel will be released, but it is hoped that she will release the second episode soon.

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