The corona virus can also spread through human breath, US scientists

US scientists have feared that the corona virus could spread through the air while humans are breathing and talking, after which the US government has instructed every citizen to wear a mask.

According to foreign news agency AFP report, Anthony Faukee, head of infectious diseases at the US National Institutes of Health (NIS), said the instructions regarding the mask may also change because ” According to a number of recent findings, the way a virus spreads by sneezing and coughing can spread by talking to someone. ‘

The government has banned the sick and the citizens who are being taken to hospitals for wearing masks.

Anthony Fauci’s statement comes after a letter from the National Academy of Sciences sent to the White House on April 1 for fresh research.

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The research said that “the results obtained so far cannot be conclusively stated that breathing normally causes a virus”.

The US Department of Health said that the virus is primarily transmitted by coughing and sneezing about a millimeter away from the affected person and spreads to one meter in the ground.

According to the report, when the virus comes out with inhalation, it is very difficult to prevent it from spreading, which is why everyone knows the instructions for wearing a mask.

Can a virus spread by air?
A research published in the New England Journal of Medicine in collaboration with the NIH concludes that the SARS-SoC-2 virus can spread from the air and remain in the air for up to three hours. ۔

The research has sparked renewed debate, even critics say that these findings are important because the team conducting the research used a medical device that is deliberately used to create viral fog. Given that this is not naturally possible.

Researchers also cited another research in Hong Kong that gave corona virus patients and some victims of other viral diseases a mask to wear, and the mask caused both viruses to be restricted and corona virus patients The process of air circulation also stopped.

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On the other hand, research papers published in China have raised concerns that the items used by medical staff for personal protection could also be a source of airborne viruses.

Chinese researchers studied in Wuhan’s hospitals and found the virus to air in two places, including patients’ toilets and rooms where doctors and staff take off their protective clothing.

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The NAS panel said that one of the reasons for the removal of protective clothing is that some of the particles move in the air; these particles are not equivalent to breathing but can move on people’s hands and bodies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is also worried that the virus will spread through the air.

According to a research paper published at the University of Nebraska, the World Health Organization warns that the virus may not be present in the patient’s room in such quantities that it cannot spread further.

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