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Bill Gates is ready to spend billions of dollars on the Corona virus vaccine

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the world’s richest man, will spend billions of dollars to stop the global outbreak of the new Novel Corona virus.

Bill Gates will spend billions of dollars building factories for the 7 best vaccines against the Corona virus.

During a TV show, Bill Gates said his charity, the Gates Foundation, could work faster than governments to fight the Corona virus epidemic.

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“Because our company specializes in epidemic diseases, we thought about epidemics, we are more prepared for certain things like vaccine production, accelerate the pace of our investment preparation process.” Can ‘.

Bill Gates said seven of the various vaccines that went through the preparation phase would be selected and factories built to manufacture them.

He said, “Although we will choose only 2 of them in the end, we will invest in building separate factories for all vaccines, which may cost billions of dollars but ultimately the most effective vaccine factory. Time will certainly be saved. ‘

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He said that vaccine preparation and factory construction simultaneously are essential for rapid vaccine production.

In an article for the Washington Post recently, he said vaccine preparation can take up to 18 months, and some of the better-looking vaccines are now required for unique devices.

Bill Gates said: “We may spend a few billion dollars on construction of factories and eventually choose a better vaccine, but in the current situation, a few billion dollars is better than the trillions of dollars that have suffered economic losses.” ‘.

“We will avoid wasting several months like this because every month is precious,” he said.

Bill Gates called on the US government to ensure strict lockdown in every state.

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They think a 10-week tight lockdown across the United States will help overcome the current crisis effectively.

It is believed that the number of confirmed cases of corona virus has exceeded 1 million worldwide and the death toll has exceeded 50,000.

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